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  1. Helloooo friends! I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday season and is all set to sail into a joyous new year ❤️ I once again have functional eyesight (yay), a mostly reasonable workload (more yay), and a plan to reconfigure my workspace (again). All to say, this coming weekend, I'll be back in action. I have so much to catch up on in this thread, and I need to review my in progress Bones 5 queue to see what I need to finish first. But I'm hyped, woohoo. It'll be good to be painting again.
  2. Dude that main eye on the beholder is sick! @R2ED you're really knocking these out. I've been working on some orcs that are not the orc dude for this club, but my paint slinging has been at a minimum. I'm going from managing a team of 3 to a team of 20 and work has taken over too much of my life. Hopefully it'll settle down over the next couple weeks, and I can paint more towards the end of this year.
  3. I'M HERE! I'm just lurking because everything is out of control right now, workwise. I'm down for that orc, I'm painting him for RCL too. And for once, I have something already painted 😆 The gargoylish thing is a Bog Homunculus.
  4. Hiya folks! Looks like Halloween painting is going strong in here. My painting time has been a bit limited, yay adulting, but it's been great seeing your pictures up here. I have the pumpkin beholder, the scarecrow, and the pumpkin headed construct prepped and ready to go, just need to find the time to put paint on the minis. I've also got a couple RCL commitments to knock out hopefully this week. Doing an orc themed Orktober series this month.
  5. I'm up for those! I'll be done with my skellies tomorrow.
  6. I know you're not happy with this one, but he looks quite good to me. With the gold and yellow, he reminds me of the skeleton king from Diablo. I've been a little distracted trying to get the duo and trio for the Reaper Challenge League done so that other people aren't waiting on me. That's just about done now, just have a couple things to fine tune on the Sister Hazel mini. I also need to put some final touches on the dread wolf, and then I can start the skellies! (I'll also step through the spreadsheet today and mark off whatever I've finished from the Bones 5 stash.) And before I forget, this guy looks GREAT! The shading on his cloak is *chef's kiss*.
  7. I love how fast you're knocking these out, and at a fairly consistent level too! Nice work.
  8. Unseen Servant done. Managed to retain some transparency, but the smoke effect is not to my satisfaction.
  9. It's good to see everyone's pics of their wips and completed minis! I'm about done with my unseen servant, and just need to dry brush and pick out some details on the wolves. But, in the ongoing saga of this year not being kind to me health-wise, I had to get an emergency root canal today because of a tooth that flared up earlier in the week, and no part of that has been pleasant. I'm out for the count today, and likely tomorrow, but hopefully I can get those two done, and start on the skellies soon after that. I fixed the numbers. I thiught I'd already done that, but in all my wisdom, I fixed it in my local copy. They should be good in the shared sheet now.
  10. Oh hi birthday twin @Gadgetman!! Happy cake and presents day to you too!
  11. My plan for this Sunday is to paint my wolf and unseen servant, and then pick the next two 😆 I'll probably grab something from the featured monster series, and maybe Murkillor. I've been kinda eyeing him as next. I'm off all of next week, so if everything goes as planned, I'll be painting quite a bit. I also want to get some Halloween painting done, and the core set has some real cool minis I want to get some paint on.
  12. I saw a post on Discord. I can't remember if there was a KS update, but late backers (like us, hi friend) don't get email notifications for those.
  13. Yknow, I think the Typhoon is almost quieter. I used them on my window sill, and the vibrations from the Typhoon are almost like there's some kind of damping mechanism in that body.
  14. Dropping in to add my $0.02 with my latest experience, should it help anyone still looking. I've been using this little Intllab gadget for months. It's functional and does what you need and is also usually somewhere between $40-$60 on the Big River site. If I had no other vortex mixer but this one, I'd still be happy with it. Yesterday, a friend got me a Typhoon mixer as an early birthday present, which I really, really like. It's basically a refurbished industrial mixer, so it has a more powerful motor, and it has a solid metal body, making it a lot sturdier. However, it does retail for about twice the cost of the little blue guy.
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