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  1. Hard same on getting back into the swing of things when the boxes arrive. I'm also wave 25, and while I didn't order the GITD ship or mastheads, I do have several power up options in my order, so I'm guessing that my boxes arrive later rather than sooner.
  2. I like that purple snek way too much. If it were coming for me, I'd be too dazzled by the scales to care that it were lopping my head off! In personal news, I am finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel with my eye issues. The last time I thought this it came back to bite me with a vengeance, but I'm cautiously hopeful this time around. I should be back at the painting desk next week if everything goes according to plan at my next appointment. Wish me luck!
  3. I haven't been painting recently, but I think you could use a linen white base for the rope and the dirty it up with a wash. I've found it works best for me, personally. Everything else, I've never tried ink washes or oils on a mini, so I'm interested in what more experienced painters say.
  4. It really is nice to see everyone's work. I had my eye appointment this week, and my vision is expected to normalize over the course of a week or so. Hopefully I can see clear enough to start painting again soon 🤞
  5. Oof. Feel better! Muscle relaxers to the rescue? I have my second shot scheduled tomorrow. The first one was fine, except it triggered an autoimmune issue, and I've been dealing with that flare up for the last three weeks. It's not terrible, except my vision in my right eye is completely shot until this subsides (hence the no painting for me the last few weeks). I'm still grateful to have gotten the vaccine though, so I'll take this health hiccup over the other potentially more severe consequences.
  6. Thank you @AuralEntropy! This helps
  7. I can see those emojis, so I'm guessing Android emojis don't render on iphones and vice versa? ETA: I didn't see a couple other folks saying the same thing before I posted this, now I just look like I'm piling on lol.
  8. I'm a little scared to count. But... I kinda need to lol. Sooo, cross posting from the other Bones V thread: Does anyone have a list of each expansion/add-on/power up, with both backer prices and late backer prices? I'm only looking for a list of prices for the purchaseable units, not for individual miniatures in each group (since that list is already available).
  9. @R2ED With you on that one. I've been cleaning and prepping more miniatures, so what's happening now is that the bench strength of my shelf of...ahem...opportunity is quite deep. I've got the high rollers set and all the Rocky minis all ready to paint, and which I want to finish before we get into the new and shinies. 😅
  10. Does anyone have a list of each expansion/add-on/power up, with both backer prices and late backer prices? I'm only looking for a list of the purchaseable units, not individual miniatures in each group.
  11. @R2ED You're doing so good though! And that blue really pops! I can't wait to see all your knights together when they're painted. I've more or less given up on trying to find time until the end of the month. Between a new health issue, ongoing construction on a new house, and my current work hours, if I can get a few minutes a day to look at the forum, it's a win. 😏 I've decided I'm taking a few days time off when my Bones 5 box arrives. It's the only way I'll be able to get back in the groove.
  12. +1 to what's already been said. Welcome, @Samuel Richards! I've been notoriously inconsistent during out test period, but you just know that the arrival of our Bones 5 minis will straighten this group out a little (me, I mean me) 😁
  13. Nowhere close to done, obviously, but I spent some time sliming up my last chaos toad, and sharpening the contrast on him. Also splotched more paint on the Brawler and Sorceror. I have a ways to go to finish them. I do have a vision though, so I'm hopeful I'll get there. I'm not about to start a rant in this thread, but I've had a really rough March, and even things I normally love, like picking up a brush to paint, have been...hard. Don't count me out if I'm awol for a few days here and there 🙂
  14. Thanks @kit! Dark mode looks pretty good. Minor nit: User names are dark text on a dark background right now. They are not very readable on mobile (not nearly as hard to read on PC though). Could you use a lighter font color for those?
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