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  1. I'm not terribly disappointed with the direction he's taking. I'm going to stop here for tonight, and finish the details on him tomorrow.
  2. This is so totally awesome, Derek! I really enjoy seeing your work, especially the attention to detail in even the tiniest bits of the mini. In awe
  3. @Inarah she looks lovely! I like the lighter pants, and the cloak is still striking without being in your face. Very nice freehand too!
  4. They look really good! I really like GSW's color shift paints, but I've never even thought about using the separated components like this. Filing this little info nugget away as a useful tip for future paint jobs!
  5. @Inarah thank you! That is sage advice that I am going to internalize. This job has been...a lot busier than my old one. I'm looking forward to your Aeowyn.
  6. So! Three back to back days of working 12-hour shifts, staring at a computer screen, and then feeling too cross-eyed to do anything else after that,and I'm just... ...just have to keep reminding myself that this job is what pays the Reaper mini bills. I'm hoping for a quiet day tomorrow so I can wrap up the 'taurs and start on the toads. Wish me luck, folks.
  7. Mine, optimistically. (I'll update with SKUs when I'm at my home computer.) Blink Chaos Toad Brawler Chaos Toad Savage* Chaos Toad Sorceror* * Stretch goals
  8. I like this! Looks kinda like a gryphon and a scorpion had a very intimidating child. The color scheme adds to the effect too! Would not want to run into it while on an adventure
  9. Thanks you guys! I just got back from dinner with the husband, and joy of joys, I remembered that I meant to get some actual work done today before the work week starts tomorrow. Yep, I'm smart like that. Soooo...I guess the 'taurs have to wait until tomorrow for their final flourishes. @Inarah I'm super looking forward to seeing what you do with the green dragons. Aaaand I'm going to pick up Blink as well after I'm done with this week's batch tomorrow.
  10. Thanks! When I first primed them, I couldn't really tell what the details on the heads were, so I ended up pre-staining with sepia wash. All my subsequent coats of paint have been skirting that original wash, and it's made picking out details on the faces easier. Obviously still have a ways to go
  11. @Hibou that looks so good! I'm tempted to get myself some Vallejo Metallics. This weekend turned out super busy. Yesterday, we signed a contract for a house, and today is our wedding anniversary, so I'm working in short bursts. Current status:
  12. Nice work! I really like your color scheme, they turned out great! I...am only just getting started. Seeing as it's almost 10 pm, let's see how far I get tonight.
  13. You can do this, spray can or any can! I still have some very sad, primed but otherwise bare minitaurs starting at me from my work desk. Tomorrow though, oh tomorrow it is on.
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