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  1. Hello reaperfolk! Just finished this. I painted it as a halforc as I needed a mini for a halforc barbarian character with a two handed weapon. The axe head is a quite large surface and I decided to give a try to nmm. A bit later I decided that it needed some rust. And then some dried blood. A nice little study, but nmm is so difficult! Guess it takes time to get a hang of it...
  2. Thanks all! I think I read it somewhere here recently (sorry, can't remember who said it), that it might be a good idea to block all the colors in first and then continue with all the detailed work. I'll have to try that the next time this kind of total block happens. Happy painting!
  3. Hello, Had this on my shelf for literally over a decade. Something just didn't work with the colors I had started with and it got pushed further and further back in my painting queue. Found her again a while ago, decided to change the colors of her hair and shirt and suddenly everything looked ok.
  4. Great work! I like that you didn't paint her green, I would have not guessed her to be a GW goblin. Now she looks like a grumpy old village witch. Insanely fun looking model!
  5. Great stuff! Nice colors on both, with reds and yellows repeating on fighter's base as well. Good work on the coat of arms too!
  6. Amazing stuff! I like especially the base. Had to check the original, changing the angle makes the model much more dynamic.
  7. Nice! The colors of her hair and robe work really well together.
  8. Very nice metallic effect and colors! It's creepy and gorgeous.
  9. @72moonglum : It's a small world sometimes. I didn't expect to see Finnish here, when signing on . Nice story about D&D too, I find that rpgs do tend to spark interest on different kind of things, which is great. I haven't played in over 20 year's, but without them I wouldn't certainly be here for example, trying to get better at this art form. Mukavaa kevättä ja tietenkin maalaamista!
  10. I've got a few of Tom's elves and they are tiny. Even more stunning work on such a small canvas. A bit odd to see some Finnish here, but mukavaa viikkoa!
  11. Upeaa työtä! I like the colors, the eyes are amazing also. Are they as small as other minis from Thunderbolt's range?
  12. Great stuff! The gem is beautiful and looks like amber.
  13. Thanks for comments all. @crowsandbones I used Army Painter's Ice Storm (a very light greyish blue) wash on the sleeve first, but then added a wash of Reaper's Breonne Blue. I thought it required a bit more color to show the texture better. The armor is Vallejo Scurf Green, Foul Green and Emerald. Have fun!
  14. Not a word I thought to say about an orc, but she's cute. Nice work on the face with hints of red on her cheeks and nose.
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