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  1. Thanks for the reply. I will head on over to the Talon forum then. Keep up the good work keeping CAV alive and good luck!
  2. So, little bit of an update here. Did a bigger dive into the Talon Games website. Lots going on there, and while I still wonder at some things it is pretty impressive. I did not grasp the scale of what was happening on the modeling front and was clueless about the kickstarters. Rules are easier to write than miniatures are to make so that accounts for the big gaps in the unit lists. Gives us something to look forward to.
  3. I finally got the Strike Ops rule book and am starting to read through it. Not bothered overmuch about lore changes and haven't gotten much further into the rules. Rules changes don't bother me much if they are different but improve things. Especially interested in any changes to ECM. After downloading and getting the force builder application to run, I feel set back. Attached are pictures of my trusty CAV2 era Rach. (I also have similar sized forces for Ritterlich and smaller forces for ADON and Terrans). There are lots of classic models that have rules but are missing from the Talon Games store, lots of missing models with rules and lots of classic models without rules. I understand that some changes are in order, to harmonize scale and maybe because of mold/casting issues. CAVBOSS, invalidating forces/units is a tried and tested way to make long time players frustrated; why take a risk alienating players when CAV is already smaller than and overshadowed by BT?
  4. Thank you all for the replies, I appreciate the honest opinions. I will probably pick up a SO rulebook. If I am too offended it will have an honoured place on my shelf with the myriad of other rules sets that were good but didn't quite make it. I think VOID is there, as are my beloved Warhammer Ancients rulebooks. Good to see that some form of CAV is still plugging along these days.
  5. Greetings All, I had some great CAV2 games back in the day with a good friend of mine who passed away and haven't really found the heart to play in the last 7 years or so. A lot has happened to CAV since I left! I am looking for some honest, reasonable opinions from you all on some pretty big questions: How does CAV: SO stack up to CAV2, specifically in terms of fluff (it is important to me), play style and ease of play? In your opinions, is it worth getting back into CAV with Strike Operations, or just going with the old, known quantity? Last big question, does SO play well as a multi-player game with small, allied forces 2-3 players per side? (I will probably only be getting games in as con/demo games at our local, monthly mini-conventions) Thanks for the help in advance.
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