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  1. These boxes are really packed. So many nice things to choose. The box left again packed.
  2. This is a good haul. Lots of fun painting those. Cheers.
  3. It has been difficult to find but I was able to get a few in a small shop. So now I have 4 in reserve. I started to use an airbrush and Vallejo mecha flat Matt is really good. It looks like it will last longer than a testers dull coat can too.
  4. I am still on the fence with this one. I am a Zcide fan. Starting with Green Horde and then getting base game Black Plague. Easy to teach new people. Fun for kids and adults. I enjoy painting the figures. Looking forward to Z 2nd when it comes in April. I am not a wild west fan but what will draw me in is the figures. At $120 for the base I think it still a decent deal with all the figures. It will get enough game time.
  5. I just have the Robart Paint Shaker. Friend gave it to me after he got a vortex. This still works for me except I have to buy the straps every once in a while as they snap. This one does 5k shakes a minute. Much faster than my wrist.
  6. Wow Great job it looks amazing. I have an old bones and waiting on getting the USA so I can paint side by side and show the differences.
  7. It has been a long time and I go in and out of reading web comics. There are a few that have stopped that were my favorites. I would come into the office. These and a few tech tabs would be opened and read before work started. Oldies. Going to early cons and meeting/ talking to them while most of them were still in college. http://pvponline.com/ https://www.penny-arcade.com/ https://megatokyo.com/ http://www.applegeeks.com/ Others I picked up https://avasdemon.com/ http://www.gronkcomic.com/
  8. I have a total of 26 KS I pledged. 1 I backed out at only $1. Outstanding: Time Of Legends: JOA 1.5 Deliverable 11/20 Expectations 4/22 Zombicide 2ed 11/20 4/21 Reaper 5 4/21 4/21 Marvel United Backed out HEL the last saga 6/21 4/22 CMON Comics 2/21 4/21 Massive Darkness 2 9/21 11/21 Darkest Dungeon 11/21 11/22 Bloodborne 5/20 Received 1/21 Destinies Backed out
  9. I really like these but all the accessories can only be added in Meshmixer? Cannot be printed separately and glued onto the mini?
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