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  1. MattParody Box had a fun 2 month journey and is now heading home.
  2. Interested Where you live: Virginia If you'd be willing to ship internationally (more expensive): No international If you want to be a box starter (depending on the amount of interest): No.
  3. So much value and interesting miniatures in this KS. I only got Brinewind and fan favorites for the large expansions. 1. Spikeshell Antipalidin - Fan Favorites. I am so looking forward to painting this one. He looks so cool to me. 2. Female Captain - Brinewind. This was a super surprise for me. I was planning to put this in the MEH pile until I saw it. Great sculpt and I look forward to painting this captain. 3. Grave Kings 1080 - Core. This one spoke to me. So menacing. 4. Kid Heroes - Core. These really look great and will be fun. 5. Elves - Core. I wish I bought more of them.
  4. I found a box of books I read back in the 90's. Scifi, horror, etc. I have been reading them one more time then putting them in the neighborhood library box for others to take and read. Hopefully some one will enjoy them as much as I did.
  5. I tried to till it but still it is just clay and clumpy and the plants did not thrive. It might be over kill to go that deep but I wanted to make sure. Next year will expand it. Maybe not go as deep.
  6. I started with the tupperware but got tired of it being so deep. So I got the masterson. It works for me but i prefer parchment paper over the paper it comes with. Personal preference. I might go in for the KS of the v2 of the Redgrass Games pallete. Really you just need to experiment too. Everyone is gonna have different preferences.
  7. My yard is 2 inches of soil and then all clay. So a raised bed of 4 inches was not cutting it. Plants would grow the last few years but always stunted. This year I dug 2 feet down and raised it 16 inches higher. It was harder than I was expecting. I also underestimated how much soil i would need to fill this. Well I finally will finish it with the last 20 bags of soil today. This weekend I will be planting all the veggies and hopefully this will work much better. This year I made the raised bed only 1m x 3m. I wanted it 1x6 but had to limit due to the dirt. I think I will have a truck dump soil instead of me buying the bags when I expand next year.
  8. With HI I have a 50% success rate where other groups I get 90%+ they have cool models but not good for my printing. is artisan guild one piece models or come in parts. The details here i would love to assembly paint and put together.
  9. The dragon I got last year in a mini paint trade. It was metal and it really looks nice. You will have fun with that one.
  10. This was a really good movie. This was put in my rewatch list. This weekend we watched Monster Hunter. Had a bit of Alien Mine feel for a little bit in the middle. Cool monsters and weapons but I was expecting larger swords and power moves. Mila plays a great hero but I was not getting "ranger" feels.
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