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  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/472864431/tyrants-of-the-space?ref=3ocin4 A kickstarter for basically 4 miniatures with access to minis from their previous campaigns (Not all, some minis from previous KS campaigns are no longer available). They are available in physical format. The creator uses Smooth-On resin, as I see on his Instagram account. It looks like a good finish. and the minis look very nidsl and fleshy... The miniature of his previous project is a super rock monster. I really like his work and he seems to be a person who enjoys it. I am interested in the Giant Rock mini and the $45 nid package.
  2. Yes! I'm going to have my Mourngul for my army, fantastic!
  3. I think I will upgrade my pledge to All-in, the free cultists miniatures will be unlocked very soon. They also have to unlock a creature that can be used with my undead army! Great job.
  4. Wooooooooo this is a fantastic color! Superb!
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