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  1. I would love a checklist of some kind. I started one once, but lost it in some computer swtich.
  2. I've been wanting a set of these for a while. I've found a couple of okay Vlads, but not a decent Cassie.
  3. Wouldn't this guy fit the bill for the Urban Wizard? http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Chronoscope/latest/50162
  4. I agree with that. I'm trying to get unarmed civilians together and they are very hard to find. And I agree, the Chinese dress fatale would be great without a gun. I bought her anyway, but I would really like her unarmed as well. I really like the new Sheriff and the doctor and nurse in the previews. Helps me round out my small town setting. Maybe an optional hand with a gun. You might even sell more this way for people who want both options. I do that a lot myself with multiple option figures.
  5. He's there now. I've had one for a long time. A very nice miniature.
  6. I like that idea. It made me think of another one. How about some Mousling Super Heroes?
  7. How about a Scoutmaster to go with the scouts. Maybe a few more scouts. Maybe one with a pocket knife and a bugler.
  8. Modern US style cops. We have British Bobbies and Canadian Mounties, but no US police. Maybe some SWAT guys too.
  9. Well, one of your wishes is coming true. Nemo has been in the previews section for a while now.
  10. Been reading Walking Dead lately? Actually, I think maybe Axe Cop.
  11. French Maid wearing full uniform Butler Guy in a smoking jacket and pajamas Small Town Sheriff Sheriff's Deputy Creepy Children (Village of the Damned) More Horror Slasher types
  12. I may have said this one before, but I would love a park ranger. Also a modern bartender couldn't hurt. Maybe a cocktail waitress too.
  13. I like the eyes the most. That is a really small miniature. Nice work!
  14. More Sligg. We need more then just two. Maybe one firing and a commander type.
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