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  1. Finished! A TON of fun to paint!!!
  2. Now I wish I added white to the muzzle like this! I can’t help myself lol. Thank you! Your critiques mean a ton!
  3. Thank you so much!! Thank you so much! It was a chore to do, but pretty fun! That’s a great idea! I’ll do that. Thanks!! I’m glad you like him!
  4. Thank you! I watched a lot of Miniature Buddha videos to help with the eyes.
  5. See what you think of the face! I have pieces that will be glows on, like her hand holding her mask on and a gun over her back. Waiting to finish this part first.
  6. thank you! I tried a lot of new techniques on him, good to know I am getting somewhere :) Thanks!!! Thank you!!!
  7. Yes!!! Although I’ve started and restarted the face since then. But I won’t forget!
  8. See what you guy think! This is the progression so far. Got this cool bust for Christmas and couldn’t wait to paint it.
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