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  1. I would like to see a skeletal grenadier for Razig as well as a ogre sized creature with a swivel gun.
  2. Is there any plans to make plastic bases with a horizontal cut instead of diagonal? I hate having to spend time cutting into the majority of my bases to position the models looking towards the front. Not to mention filling the gaps.
  3. As for the army constuction aspect of this thread who says that four CAV/tanks in a force are the best? People should choose for themselves what is best for their style of play. This problem also deals with point values. If I only a couple hundred points left but all of my squads are filled out then what do I do with these points? I could not add a tank or CAV to a existing unit nor could I start a whole new platoon as I would need more points to fill it out and the force organization does not allow it. The only thing left to spend it on is upgrades, which means a lot of my models will end up with +1 RAV/DV. Even if they up the points for these items what else will you spend these couple hundred points on? In addition the use of cards for initiative is only useful when you can get more than two cards in the deck. In Warlord you can increase the amount of cards easily by taking multiple small units and solos. In CAV it is impossible to do this. As for using terrain to cover one's infantry, try hiding them from a Koda Works Conquerer with Airburst Munitions. I think that a model should gain independent if purchased by itself and that Super Heavies should be Unique. Just my opinion.
  4. Regardless of what can happen in real life the fact remains the only strength of a infantry unit is the number of models and the Tough/x ability. To get numbers in a mechanized unit one is limited by the Transport/x. Currently the highest transport is 3. Any bulky squads can only fit one model in the transport. As mechanized squads can only have four transports this makes the squad size to small to survive. And if one uses the lighter infantry types the resilience of the squad goes down. Back to the realism question of how many soldiers can be put into a hummer or APC. If they can build a mech the size of a building, they can build a transport to carry more troops and their equipment.
  5. Well, in that situation the cost to go from RAV 2 to RAV 3 would be the new RAV of 3 multiplied by 10, so it would be 30 points.
  6. I would prefer a simple cost over a percentage based system. Damage tracks should not affect the cost of certain upgrades like RAV but rather the current RAV (or whatever stat is being increased) should be taken into account. In this instance the cost to increase to the next RAV should be the new RAV multiplied by 15. So to upgrade from RAV3 to RAV4 it would cost (4*15) 60 points. Or you could use multiples of 10 or any other number. Also to stop people from upgrading certain models with a RAV bonus just list Accurized as an Upgrade on the Data Card. Someone mentioned the Falcon would be bad with a RAV increase so this would be a good example to do this to. But I can hear certain players complaining about that restriction and saying things like, "the SyRaM could make better targeting computers than that." However, there are simple fluffy reasons that can be used to explain the situation like, "cuz Terrans are teh suk!!?!!11."
  7. I have skeletons from both Necropolis and Razig's Revenge, including the archer that most have mentioned, and have no problem. Like Super Jag, I was also able to bend the skeletons into different positions without them breaking.
  8. On the few Skeletons that I have painted for Necropolis I used this simple technique: Primer White, Black Ink, drybrush with Bleached Bone, pick out weapons and other equipment.
  9. I am just happy that a lot of the defense values got a little higher even if most models had a points increase. Had to replan my army to take into account all the changes (for the better). I just love those undead pirates, though. Like I said before we just need more models now (cough cough).
  10. However the news release states that this is a revised list. This is great news as it is the skeleton pirates that got me to play Warlord and they can only get better. Hopefully there will also be more models coming out.
  11. Lack of time for painting is not my excuse merely not liking to paint is. Luckily my friend loves to paint. Thanks for all the relpies. I was thinking of starting with Crusaders vs Necropolis and then getting small (about 250pt) forces to do a free for all. Oh and get a dragon.
  12. Which armies are good to demo with? I assume the starter box with the rulebook, tape measure, cards, miniatures, etc included would be the best to start with as it promotes that particular boxset as well. Do you ever run multiple player games or just one on one?
  13. Let's see, how about how do you run your demos? Different methods, pros/cons for each one.
  14. I am thinking about becoming a member of BL since there is no BL member within Portland OR, I know there is one in Central Point but most people do not even know where that is. Most of the games played are Games Workshop and I would like to see a little variety. Is there any advice, lessons, horror stories, etc. about being a BL?
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