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  1. Most of the 2nd Edition rules deal with ONLY named Warlord figures. If you want generic data cards, you need to get a 1st Edition Warlord Rulebook. The back of that has generic data cards, and you can "tweak" those to fit the 2nd Edition ruleset. As for the "generics," most of the "Grunt" and "Adept" troops will be non-unique models with a specific number and identical look. They might have different positions for swords, spears, etc, but the overall look will be the same (see: Templar Ironspines or Unforgiven). As for the Sergeants and Captains, most will be "named" in some
  2. High Elves (it seems from the rules and the miniatures) are a cross between Warhammer Wood Elves and Warhammer High Elves. A good mix of ranged and up close, plus magic users (mages rather than clerics, although some Elves are divine rather than magical). I believe that most Wood Elves are more like assasins, and they sit in trees, have stealth, etc. As for the main poster (I know this is 7 years after the fact, and I hope you are still playing), I think the first steps to building any Warlord army is looking at the armies objectively. Research who is in it, what are the abilit
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