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  1. Most of the 2nd Edition rules deal with ONLY named Warlord figures. If you want generic data cards, you need to get a 1st Edition Warlord Rulebook. The back of that has generic data cards, and you can "tweak" those to fit the 2nd Edition ruleset. As for the "generics," most of the "Grunt" and "Adept" troops will be non-unique models with a specific number and identical look. They might have different positions for swords, spears, etc, but the overall look will be the same (see: Templar Ironspines or Unforgiven). As for the Sergeants and Captains, most will be "named" in some capacity, but not necessarily "unique." Ergo, you could use two of the same "named" figure in different squads if they are not listed as "unique" in the data card. And then, you could make up a "name" for said figure if you wanted. So, if you had a data card for a generic non-unique captain, you could substitute a figure from Bones or DHL in the slot as well. It doesn't have to be "exact," since there aren't really any "set" tournament rules any more (outside of a couple of websites where people still post some generic content). Reaper hasn't updated the rules or even acknowledged the existence of the game since 2011 or so. It is sad, because that is about the time I discovered the game! As for Mercenaries, there are two different ways to use them: 1) they can be considered their own faction (as they have Warlords, Captains and Sergeants). You could field a whole army of them if you wished. 2) as a secondary unit in your regular faction. According to the 1st Edition rules (page 52), you CAN put 1 unit of "freelancers" in your army, as long as the BULK of your army is made up of the faction you intend to play. For Example: You are playing Necropolis. You have Judas Bloodspire (warlord), Azarphan (Captain), and two solos (say Kaena and a Gargoyle, for instance). You want to field another unit, and decide to make them Mercenaries. You could throw in Grundor Hoardtaker, who could field 4-10 units. You can fill that unit with people from both Mercenaries and Necropolis units. That is how they can work. Another way to look at the factions is this: They are broken down into three sides. Good, Neutral and Evil. You cannot field a freelance company of Evil units in a Good army. Neither could you field a company of Good units in an Evil army. But, Neutral units can be in ANY army. Ergo, you could use Mercenaries for this purpose. (again, this is from the 1st Edition ruleset on page 52.) Now, if someone is going to play the Mercenaries faction as a full army, then you might want to re-consider your troop in the example above. Or, just let them slaughter each other. The Necropolis wouldn't care anyhow, as they don't value life. People like the Mercenaries are a means to an end, that end being cannon fodder so their units can get close enough to do damage. The Crusaders faction is unique, and I think that for 2nd edition Reaper changed the Crusaders around to not include Mercenaries, as since the attack on Denelspire, they are REALLY untrusting of outsiders. Ergo, they might have done it. I don't have a 2nd Edition rulebook, so I wouldn't know. You can field a freelance company in the 1st edition rules, and the 2nd edition playtest rules that I saw online don't say anything about "freelance" companies (from June of 2009). Which, if it isn't in the rules that you have for 2nd Edition, then they took those out. Which means that unless it says in the Army Card section that they can take some sort of "freelance company" or "mercenary company," then you cannot have them in their army per 2nd edition rules. And if the rules SAY that you can only play "one faction," then you cannot HAVE any "freelance companies" in ANY army you play. Which, they may have done to streamline the rules for tournaments.
  2. High Elves (it seems from the rules and the miniatures) are a cross between Warhammer Wood Elves and Warhammer High Elves. A good mix of ranged and up close, plus magic users (mages rather than clerics, although some Elves are divine rather than magical). I believe that most Wood Elves are more like assasins, and they sit in trees, have stealth, etc. As for the main poster (I know this is 7 years after the fact, and I hope you are still playing), I think the first steps to building any Warlord army is looking at the armies objectively. Research who is in it, what are the abilities that are associated with them, how do they move, etc. Then, pull the trigger and buy some figures. I decided that I wanted to play Crusaders because I had bought some of the figures before and knew who they were. So, because I painted those miniatures before, I went with what I was familiar with. And it turns out that the Crusaders are AWESOME. Love my guy Duke Gerard. Also, it helps if you have friends who want to play as well, or know of players in the area and what armies they play. Because then you can pick armies to counteract certain abilities, etc. Also, it helps to know what point counts they normally play (typical games being 1000-1500 points), and if they are using Warlords, Captains, Sergeants, or a mix of the 3. Since I am the first one to play this game among my friends, I picked a Warlord, Captain and Sergeant as my main force. The Warlord has 10 units (including himself), Captain has 6 units, and Sergeant has 4 (including himself). And, if you throw in a Solo unit or two, you should have a good 1000-1500 point army (with my Guardian Angel figure [not Uriel], I have about 1200+ points) with which to play. And that is a Warlord, Captain, Sergeant, three solos (Garr, a solo fighter, Guardian Angel). Hope this helps anyone who comes here looking for advice on how to start. Best advice: pick some armies, get some friends (or find people who play) and get out there and PLAY!! Happy Warlord!
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