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  1. As Qwy said you need no line of site, and if you can't find the drifting rules for your IA weapons (took me a while to find this) it's under the AOE Special Action Description.
  2. It does have a good sounds to it Chrome, most of the time if you have a big tank, or a big mech and you got little bugger infintry coming at you, one of the best ways to get rid of them is back up and shoot at them. I do personally think that CC should be altered some or last a little longer, or keep it to a round of CC per one of the units activations. This would tie up the combat, and tie up the little horde of infintry for most of the game, they can take down the CAV or might not, but they did there job, they kept it busy while everything else goes to work.
  3. is it 10pts flat or 10pts per damage track?
  4. Alright EE so CC is nothing like warlord, you just keep going at it till someone dies. Now if your main attacker dies, and you have 2 other bases supporting, do you keep continueing on to them? Or once the main attacker dies everyone supporting dies? Or does the combat end for this activation and the other two bases can do CC the next activation they are in? Thanks for the help on this guys I swear almost done here, just trying to figure this out.
  5. You can select diffrent targets with each weapon correct? And even if the weapon is x2 you can shoot each shot at diffrent targets? Then why the rule about if you did not use a CC action you can move away from B2B, you never would stay or be in B2B with an enemy? Page 80 under Leaving Base to Base Contact (so that rule would never exsist I would think)
  6. Questions for CAV Facing and Arcs of Fire: I saw no information on facing, are all of your figures considered to be 360? You can shoot form any angle, or only from a front arc? Counter Battery SA Can you Defensive fire a target you cannot see with your IA weapon. Close Combat In the book it sounds like you continue CC until one side wins, But is this per activation, or all in 1 activation. (each activation you do 1 round of CC or do you do all the CC right away till a side is dead.) The reason why I ask is because in the movement section it says you can Move out of B2B if you do not use a Close Combat Action, So it sounds like each activation you do a round of CC. (hope I am clear on this) Ranged Combat I didn’t see anything stating on how many of what weapons you can fire, and I take it each weapon is only 1 shot. But can you shoot each weapon at two different targets, or if they are combined weapons can they only fire at 1 weapon? Like a Maxim 1: DA x2, do you have to shoot both weapons into 1 target or can they split? Also is there a negative for splitting fire? Some of these questions are because I play some other games and I am use to some of the rules being there, and I wanted to double check. I do have to say I love the new book, I like the fluff, and the rules were really good till Close Combat, which is where I started to get confused if it all happened at one time till something died or if it was per activation you do a round of combat till something dies (like in warlord)
  7. Alright it's great to see all Necropolis players can now get back up, I'm all for that as being a former player. but my question is if you Coupe a Necropolis fig does he still have a chance to get back up, or is he then just dead? I was explained that they still get the +1 Tough, they just don't get any of the orginal tough. So if the figure was Tough/2 he no longer gets back up on 7, 8, 9, and 10, he just gets back up on 9, 10. Is this correct? Or when you Coupe them they are flat out dead?
  8. you know if you save it as a gif it wont degenerate like jpgs do.
  9. You can simply take it into photoshop, or photoshop like programs and mess with the image levels (will brighten and darken plus do contrast all in one run, just be careful not to over do it)
  10. Granted this spot is for showing off your well painted mini's which I will do later on.. But I just finished my Avatar... After a lil time spent in fireworks.. I finished the perfect custom tailored one. So thus and therefore I am proud...
  11. With each faction book are they releasing new characters, and classes, or will it just be a slightly expanded version of the main book, with some updated points costs and such? I thought I would just take a chance and ask.
  12. Hehe I still say, goblin power, it's good to see a small race get a lil love besides insanity that so many books, systems and worlds give the poor mini green skins! I'm still waiting on a MMORPG that actually lets you roll a goblin...
  13. That and unlike alot of games, Possitioning and formation makes a really big diffrence. Also the bigger and more powerful a creature gets, the bigger there base gets so you can swarm them with more troops, instead of a basic 6 troops you can get around them for bonuses, you get so much more. So the tactics are alot diffrent then what your normally see. I love it!
  14. And if you read about it, Archery is there life, there dire training.. It's the way of the goblin skeeter, they have to prove to them orcs that they are infact better then them at something, being the lowest cast of the greenskins. I'm telling you it's Goblin Power!
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