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  1. great looking unit. Transition from green to white is well done
  2. I need to get in on that. I was very impressed with how crisp Danarel is ....it just makes painting more enjoyable and gets great results
  3. is printed the same as 3d printed? I assume so, but I've never seen a 3D printed model that wasn't brittle. This plastic is pliable and has really clean edges. There was a few strings attached and while painting I noticed that there were a few bumps that I should have cleaned up first....however, if this is the future of 3d printing I'm very happy. This solved all the problems I've had with 3d printed models in the past.
  4. where to start??? amazing tattoo work on the big demon, love the zombie heads on the orcs, everything looks amazingly tied together with the skin color and the basing....fantastic work! thanks so much for sharing
  5. Name checks out....great paintjob
  6. that beast looks unruly....glad it came with a user manual, she better read it fast. Great job!
  7. sometimes it's easy to put standard paintjobs on pieces like these.... you did a great job on them. They really pop
  8. great blending on the white and the flesh.....really smooth. Your hard work paid off
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