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  1. Great work....what a wonderful hobby we all share!
  2. Really nice highlight from directly above
  3. Had this model for a really long time and wasn't fully sold on the sculpt....until I painted him up. Really came to life with a bit of paint.
  4. Love the paint job...I also really like your photography work. Really appropriate for creatures that would be in dark caverns...very thematic. I always struggle to make the model stand out and keep a dark background...care to share some tips?
  5. ooo.....they've been earning their keep. I like!
  6. love this range....almost as much as Reaper
  7. great looking unit. Transition from green to white is well done
  8. I need to get in on that. I was very impressed with how crisp Danarel is ....it just makes painting more enjoyable and gets great results
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