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  1. Love the paint job...I also really like your photography work. Really appropriate for creatures that would be in dark caverns...very thematic.  

    I always struggle to make the model  stand out and keep a dark background...care to share some tips?

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  2. 48 minutes ago, haldir said:

    The one thing you have to remember is Reaper isn't using printers that most Etsy dealers are using to sell their wares. 


    I do believe starting next month they are going to showcase the 3 sets in Bones 6 Kickstarter that will be 3d printed at Reaper. The next 3 months will have a bugbear, lizardfolk & orc? to show you want you'll be getting from the KS. They've said they are the "missing" minis from those sets, as they'll be different then the sets.

    I need to get in on that. I was very impressed with how crisp Danarel is ....it just makes painting more enjoyable and gets great results

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  3. is printed the same as 3d printed? I assume so, but I've never seen a 3D printed model that wasn't brittle. This plastic is pliable and has really clean edges. There was a few strings attached and while painting I noticed that there were a few bumps that I should have cleaned up first....however, if this is the future of 3d printing I'm very happy. This solved all the problems I've had with 3d printed models in the past.



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