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  1. don't know if you meant to post it here.....but it sure is nice anna
  2. pretty sure its a bob murch sculpt...
  3. First time through Bleakfalls Barrow they were pretty scary
  4. Wow.....great coloring. Still looks like stone but with way more character than just gray
  5. I used this for a Call of Cthulhu character....to be fair, his sanity points were pretty low to begin with
  6. Some WW2 Germans I've done recently
  7. I love just how much imagination is going into these. I can see that you have a lot of passion for our hobby. Always great to see. Each model has as much work in the base as most of us put into a unit.....truly inspiring!
  8. Jinkies! great assorment of models and fantastic paintjobs.....love the library too....lot of models to put this together
  9. I was hoping to see a battle axe or a goblin head in the bag.....then I scrolled down and seen what you did. this Santa ornament went to a great home! I hope you get many years use from it
  10. I use army painter anti-shine...still comes out a bit too shiny sometimes.....I think the cold weather has something to do with it but I'm not spraying that poison in the house
  11. LOVE IT!....dynamic and it tells a great story. I love doing a project like this because of how much I learn from it....Inspiring!!!
  12. love the color scheme and the NMM....are you using it for WHFB?....don't see a lot of 20mm square bases these days
  13. I did a zenithal highlight with an airbrush.. The skin is just some green glaze with yellow glaze highlight on the raised area....really quick.
  14. love the shading in the eyes, sword and color contrast is also great....he looks rightfully pissed off too
  15. Thanks Sentinel.....I was happy with the black too....tough color to get right
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