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    I love art, music and literature, everything Steampunk/Scifi/Fantasy related. I also love playing D&D, playing with my dogs and painting minis.

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  1. After obsessing over Reaper's magnificent paints, I am left wanting something... some sort of description of the paints are designed for/ capable of. For instance; I bought a bottle of Prom Night Pink, only to realize it was a pearlescent once I received it. The Holiday color set gets nice descriptions of each paint... I just want to see more info about the paints without having to search for hours on google or in the forums.
  2. I would love to see a Tabaxi Gunslinger with a poncho and a wizard hat, a Greatsword strapped to it's back, six shooter at it's side, with a smoking pipe in his mouth. Kind of like the Cactus Joe gorilla gunslinger... but different.
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