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    I love art, music and literature, everything Steampunk/Scifi/Fantasy related. I also love playing D&D, playing with my dogs and painting minis.

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  1. Thanks @Glitterwolf ! Thanks @ttuckerman!
  2. I'm just using the light it comes with and my crappy Samsung phone camera. It works for me!
  3. My bad, here's the pics I promised.
  4. I'll take some pics with it when I get home, I maybe used it once since RVE... need to get better about that, I just get excited when I actually finish painting a mini and forget that I have it.
  5. Dang, that is steep. I purchased from one of my LGS only a couple months ago.
  6. There are fancy dropper tops from a company called Dr. Tabletop that fit citadel pots, saved me a lot of headache but I can't say anything about whether it's a cheaper option than buying bottles, funnels and mixer beads. Its MUCH more convenient tho. I only had around 15 citadel paints so $25 for a 20 pack of dropper tops was the way to go for me.
  7. Hold fast and just keep swimming, I mean, crafting!
  8. Here is what I've been up to lately; got a few minis in progress, some got pushed to the back of the line when we learned that our d&d group will be meeting again soon and I realized I still needed to paint my partners miniature! Oops. I also snagged a great deal on a husky tool box, which at the moment is storing some extra out of date msp paint but mostly is crammed with most of my miniatures, couldn't fit all of them.
  9. I hear you. Had some employee changes at work which tossed my schedule to the winds. I was literally about to sit down this afternoon to paint Annoyed Rocky, but got called into work last minute. I'll make an effort to get something done tonight, and hopefully I actually get a day off next week to knock out a bunch of stuff. Hold Fast!
  10. For the yellow, I used Mustard Yellow for shadows and worked up to Beacon Yellow(old Heavy Gear color) for the highlight. The mugs were a speed paint using Citadel Runefang steel and a wash with Nuln oil, I thought they came out surprisingly well! Oh and yeah I had a couple issues with wet blending, haven't nailed the consistency for that technique yet. Thanks!
  11. I finished innkeeper sophie last night while watching Reaper Live, and then I won a gift card! Gonna use it to buy some paint colors that Anne Foerster recommended during her streams. Sophie's skin tones arent what I envisioned but I think she is tabletop ready and I personally feel good about how I'm progressing as a miniature painter. Practice makes better! For my next mini, I've picked Annoyed Rocky the dragon(with the dragonfly on its tail). I need a white dragon wyrmling for an upcoming campaign and I think this will be fun to drop on the table.
  12. This is my first attempt at a dark skin tone but I wasn't feeling the Dark Skin Triad for this one. So far I like where I am headed with Innkeeper Sophie, but I wonder if I'm missing something. For her skin I used Redstone Shadow and highlighted up with Redstone Highlight(also did a light glaze of brown liner on the back of the wings for shadows) but I'm wondering if I need a third highlight color. Should I mix in Pure White or possibly a warm shaded off-white like Linen White to the highlight color? Should I lean more red or more yellow considering her dress is the prominent
  13. Carved out 45min to touch up Innkeeper Sophie, the shadows on the dress were too brown for what I was going for so I added a glaze of Mustard Yellow to the recesses of the cloth. I really like the flesh colors (redstone shadow and redstone highlight) but the skin on her face and chest needed some smoothing out and brighter highlights. I thinned brown liner with water for the eyes, which came out table top decent on the first try. I'm getting noticably more comfortable with my brush control, also brown liner may be my newest love affair. All in all, we're getting there. My DM and I
  14. So this is definitely a practice model, worked on lining, skin tones, fabrics and the wings. Not my best but we'll get there.
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