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    I love art, music and literature, everything Steampunk/Scifi/Fantasy related. I also love playing D&D, playing with my dogs and painting minis.

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  1. Carbon Grey is awesome, but Noir black is good too.
  2. Totally down to paint up these two. The base of the floaty skeleton is the last thing for me to finish on the last two models, should have that wrapped up after work and i'll get started on these.
  3. Undead King from Bones 5 Core Set. I gave him a backstory of going mad and believing the infestation of rats that brought plague to his ancient kingdom were loyal subjects rising up to kill the "traitors" that actually were just innocent civilians. He rummaged through the corpses of his former subjects and found the means to become a lich and raise a skeletal army to defend his "loyal" rat followers.
  4. @R2EDI agree with @billeecats , getting some good diablo vibes from skelly king. And the floating skelly looks awesome! That one gave me the most trouble(tried a rust effect for the first time), I'm almost done with that one but my skelly King is finished. In the meantime here are some pics.
  5. I finally received my order, small as it was it took forever! Went for a bag o' skulls, 3 acrylics (charred salmon, orange rust and yellow rust) & 5 washes (armor wash, parchment wash, fallout wash, cool grey wash and golden brown(metallic) wash. I have heard great things about this company and first impressions out of the box are good. Can't wait to try them out.
  6. They are a different animal than typical metallics. The brands usually recommend applying over a glossy black base coat, but I've found that you can undercoat with different colors to achieve different effects.
  7. I have a couple of the GSW color shifting metallics and a couple Turbo Dork color shifting metallics. I prefer GSW but the turbo dork has worked out on a few models so far. I don't use an airbrush(which is where these paints really shine) but with a brush, the GSW is easier to work with and has better coverage by far. Turbo Dork took me like 8 or 9 layers to get where I wanted it. I should say, the very first metallic mini paints that I bought were Citadel: Runefang Steel, Auric Armor Gold and Sycorax Bronze, probably 3 or 4 years ago and the Runefang Steel is only now beginni
  8. I consider myself still relatively new to the hobby scene, I really got into it only a few years ago. I've purchased minis across multiple brands and material make ups, and I haven't had much time to develop die hard preferences on which material makes the best mini... until now. Bones USA has come out of the gate strong and each time I paint Bones USA I am impressed. Integral bases don't bother me too much but I see the appeal to having the base separated. Every material has its quirks for clean up and conversions but I have found the Bones USA to be substantially nicer to paint than any oth
  9. I LOVE 9465 Skeleton Key from Reaper, but Vallejo's Model Air Chrome is excellent. The latest metallics im excited to try are the Green Stuff Worlds metallic pigments mixed in to Vallejo's Metal Varnish(learned this from Vince Venturella on youtube.)
  10. This paint line looks decent enough but at this point I'm running out of space for more paints, and there are so many other brands that have caught my eye which are cheaper and available now... packaging looks nice, probably performs well enough but I'm not particularly impressed.
  11. Personally, I'm a little tired of Wizkids Size changes. Yeah the model looks cool but knowing how ABYSMAL Wizkids prepainted minis can be lately, ill pass on that risk. In my humble opinion, it is NOT worth $400+. Maybe $250 but comparing it to other products they make, that $400 price tag seems STEEP. Like, greedily steep. I'd be curious to see it in person before making up my mind about it's inherent quality and worth but I still won't be buying it.
  12. Over the weekend, I hung out with my Dungeon Master and he made a request for me to paint up all my undead/zombies from bones 5 to use in our D&D campaign. Anyone have objections to painting a couple undead models for the next round? I'll be trying to paint all the undead as soon as possible regardless of which minis get selected for the group(Im totally fine with whatever y'all want to do), but ill be starting with these in the meantime:
  13. Had some time off, finished up the backlog for the club. @R2ED your direwolves look awesome!
  14. I love this! The book looks great, the color scheme feels muted and very realistic to me. The red brick cobblestone is a cool touch as well.
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