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  1. I'm after a metric butt load of base inserts for my Wrath of Kings factions -

    Round lip bases, Sizes 30mm, 40mm, 50mm & 80mm.

    Multiple styles would be great, like cobblestone/forest/industrial/beaches, etc...


    Vignettes for Dioramas, backgrounds & plinths for busts would be cool too!


    maybe texture rollers for basing? yes I know there are some on the market already, but I do not like the designs I have found available.

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  2. 17 hours ago, R2ED said:

    Anyone up for kicking into Halloween theme stuff? I usually try to do a diorama for my kid, but not sure what anyone else thinks? 




    I was thinking giving these two a shot. 



    Totally down to paint up these two. The base of the floaty skeleton is the last thing for me to finish on the last two models, should have that wrapped up after work and i'll get started on these. 

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  3. I finally received my order, small as it was it took forever! Went for a bag o' skulls, 3 acrylics (charred salmon, orange rust and yellow rust) & 5 washes (armor wash, parchment wash, fallout wash, cool grey wash and golden brown(metallic) wash. I have heard great things about this company and first impressions out of the box are good. Can't wait to try them out.

  4. 24 minutes ago, Rignes said:

    I haven't tried Color Shifting paints.  Are those analogous to typical metallics?  Or are they a different animal all together?

    They are a different animal than typical metallics. The brands usually recommend applying over a glossy black base coat, but I've found that you can undercoat with different colors to achieve different effects.

  5. I have a couple of the GSW color shifting metallics and a couple Turbo Dork color shifting metallics. I prefer GSW but the turbo dork has worked out on a few models so far.

    I don't use an airbrush(which is where these paints really shine) but with a brush, the GSW is easier to work with and has better coverage by far. Turbo Dork took me like 8 or 9 layers to get where I wanted it.


    I should say, the very first metallic mini paints that I bought were Citadel: Runefang Steel, Auric Armor Gold and Sycorax Bronze, probably 3 or 4 years ago and the Runefang Steel is only now beginning to run out. While I liked the colors, the Auric Armor gold and Sycorax bronze have dried up after only using them a couple times... Once that Runefang steel is done, I'll probably never buy Citadel metallics ever again when there are so many better options available now.

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  6. I consider myself still relatively new to the hobby scene, I really got into it only a few years ago. I've purchased minis across multiple brands and material make ups, and I haven't had much time to develop die hard preferences on which material makes the best mini... until  now. Bones USA has come out of the gate strong and each time I paint Bones USA I am impressed. Integral bases don't bother me too much but I see the appeal to having the base separated. Every material has its quirks for clean up and conversions but I have found the Bones USA to be substantially nicer to paint than any other material. So far I have not primed any of my Bones USA minis because for me, a thorough scrub with dishsoapy water and an old toothbrush is all I need to do to get the paint to bite. Maybe others feel differently but honestly this material is my favorite. I'd like to see how big they can go with Bones USA... A Ma'al Drakkar in Bones USA would be rad.

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  7. 3 minutes ago, Rakumi said:

    Not too familiar with all the rules so I am not going to name the other brand.  But there is a new Tiamat mini being made.  It is $400 + dollars.  Seems ridiculous when you can get this amazing Bones 5 headed dragon Maal Drakar for $150.  Just want to hear people's thoughts on comparing from what is known?  Are you excited?  Would you purchase?  Is the Bones all you need?  How does the size stack up?  I have Maal Drakar but never had a chance to put him/her together.    

    Personally, I'm a little tired of Wizkids Size changes. Yeah the model looks cool but knowing how ABYSMAL Wizkids prepainted minis can be lately, ill pass on that risk. In my humble opinion, it is NOT worth $400+. Maybe $250 but comparing it to other products they make, that $400 price tag seems STEEP. Like, greedily steep.

    I'd be curious to see it in person before making up my mind about it's inherent quality and worth but I still won't be buying it.


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  8. Over the weekend, I hung out with my Dungeon Master and he made a request for me to paint up all my undead/zombies from bones 5 to use in our D&D campaign. Anyone have objections to painting a couple undead models for the next round?  I'll be trying to paint all the undead as soon as possible regardless of which minis get selected for the group(Im totally fine with whatever y'all want to do), but ill be starting with these in the meantime:


    Bones 5 undead.jpg

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  9. Got some actual time in with the brush this weekend, and it feels great. I finished the basilisk, got 90% finished with the stag, and got some of my base coats blocked out on the moneylender.  Here are the WIPs and I'm thinking about the 2 new picks... the floating dude is making me want to try a trick for clear minis where you start off with a coat of brush-on sealer before applying inks or whatever. I bought a bottle of Privateer Press's formula P3 Turquoise ink and I'm dying to trying it out.


    Anyone know other useful tricks for clear minis? 





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  10. Got this done this morning, forgot to post it. Had a lot of fun with this one. The freehand spots were a challenge, but a couple careful thin glazes of bright turquoise blended it well I thought.


    Colors used:

    Creamy Ivory

    Sepia liner(mixed with brush-on sealer to make a wash)

    Bright Turquoise

    Nuln Oil

    Basilisk Green (+ Pure White for highlight)

    Lotus Orange

    Pure Black





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  11. There are so many awesome models that are even more impressive in person, it's hard to narrow it down! I think I can attempt a top 5 sleeper hit list, but an honorable mention for me are ALL the dragons. I took one look and knew I had to have them all. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Wizkids dragons but they do leave me wanting for various reasons...  Reaper, well... Jason Weibe, Julie Guthrie and Questron Studios, really knocked it out of the park on these.


    Ok, here's my top 5 sleeper hits:


    1. Townsfolk Moneylender: this particular sculpt is amazing and I was always looking forward to painting it. Now it's in my hands I can see how good the molds are becoming. Virtually no mold line issues at all and the small one I found I scraped away with my thumbnail, leaving no evidence it was ever there. KUDOS Reaper both on hiring great sculpters but also on the bones black.


    2. Basilisk: this model really jumped out at me for its detail and immediately I saw the color scheme and how I wanted to paint it. This and the Moneylender listed above were my first picks for the paint group here in the forums ( https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/94392-book-club-but-for-minis-reaper-club/ ) but still in WIP mode.


    3. Sea Giant: This is a totally unique model, amazing detail and the creativity that went into is really insane, Weibe did a great job. There is so much visual story in this sculpt, I think it would be cool to have him as a good-aligned NPC for my party to ally with against the Beholder-Crab thing. Maybe the sea giant is a steward of the ocean that protects whales or overfishing from fisherman and is after a particularly cruel fishing vessel... or maybe he is a ranger of sorts that can guide the party through treacherous waters... so many possibilities besides just being a bad broccoli monster, which is reason enough.


    4. Hippogriff: The Greek Odyssey expansion was one of the first things I decided to buy, mostly because of the Cloud giantess but I didn't even realize the hippogriff was part of the set. The sculpt is very nicely detailed, the wings are gonna be fun to paint for sure. Im a big Harry Potter fan, so this is getting the Buckbeak makeover and is definitely gonna be part of a Harry Potter themed vignette or diorama someday.


    5. Yog-Sothoth: This bad mabbajabba... at first, I passed it over thinking I wouldn't use it. Then the pledge manager closed and I started really kicking myself for not getting one. Well, Gods Bless those who decided to re-open the pledge manager and to offer it as an option, because this was the first thing I added to my Bones 5.5 order. I also wish I had gotten the Chronoscope expansion when I had the chance, but since I don't have a modern/scifi game to run or to play in, I can wait and hope to get those in retail or scoop one off ebay.


    So there it is. There are sooo many models that I love, and I knew I would love no matter what quality they arrived in, but I am surprised by how many models stand out from the pack once you see them in person.

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  12. 12 hours ago, R2ED said:


    @crowsandbones would you post a pic of the two you chose? I have seen a few of these spreadsheets that aren't lining up for what piece is the actual one.  I think it should be obvious, given the two you said, but safer to just show them.   Also your blue match on the robes to the wrappings worked well.   I tried using colors from the new batch of paints.  I tried ashen brown... hated it.  It's so thin! 

    @billeecats is correct about my choices, and thanks for sharing the pics for me!


    @R2ED thanks! That's interesting about the Ashen Brown, I havent tried it yet but I have high hopes since it is a recreation of the highlight color to my all time favorite brown, Volcano Brown. I wanted to use it on my pirate ship, will have to test it out first. The pain of missing out on the brinewind extras sloop is tangible right now, haha!

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  13. Managed to finish the reaper, just a quick paint but I really like it all the same. I used the new darkreach shadows liner to prime it(a lovely blue grey-almost indigo liner that I'll probably use a lot), base coated in nightmare black with a touch of maggot white added for opacity in the highlights, followed with a glaze of nightmare black. The bone color is bathalian chitin with a wash of argax earth shade and a highlight of bathalian chitin and maggot white. The hourglass gave me the most trouble but I used bleached linen for some sand on the inside that I dont think came out right.


    The stag needs some boiling to fit into its base, hopefully I'll get that done and painted tomorrow. Feels good to get the first mini finished!


    If I'm understanding correctly and I'm the one to pick the next 2 models to choose from, I propose the following:

    1. 1017 Townsfolk: Moneylender (the dude with the book and quill is the one I mean)

    2. 1029 Basilisk





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  14. My Bones 5 order has arrived!!! OMG IM SO STOKED! So far I can only do the initial damage inspection - my pirate ship box has a nasty dent, but the ship itself seems unharmed. Alas I am at work(had my order shipped to my job because our neighborhood has had package thieves in the past) so inventory will have to wait until tonight. I snuck a peek and noticed that I got Sophie's Lucky Dice... I cannot explain why I'm so excited to have them... they will live behind my DM screen forever now.

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