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  1. I'm planning on using this in my Exandria campaign (Critical Role Universe). I absolutely love how reaper gives us these gems to drop in wherever we fancy! Not too familiar with Greyhawk so no ideas to add there, but I am planning a sort of "tavern-crawl" clue-mystery themed one shot and it all starts and ends at the Green Griffin.

  2. 2 hours ago, Great Khan Artist said:

    So, if the regular Reaper superfans spend hundreds of dollars on Bones kickstarters every time they have one, who are they really for? Are they for the dedicated Reaper boys and girls or do they draw new people into the hobby? I'm not being snarky, I'm curious to know how many new painters are created out of the kickstarters.  

    I found a new recruit on RTB Pro Tips twitch stream just this morning & this is their first Reaper kickstarter. I only joined the Reaper party AFTER bones 5 had closed so I was a late pledge, and haven't looked back since.  I'd say that the superfans probably just show themselves more than the rest by staying engaged, here in the forums and elsewhere on social media.

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  3. On 3/26/2022 at 2:47 PM, Inarah said:

    Not random paint colors. It looks like most of those are discontinued colors, parts of triads no longer available on store shelves. There will be interest, I'm sure, from people who were sad to see them go.



    As far as I can tell, The only paint color offered here that is discontinued is MSP Gutter Grime, which was part of the RVE paints. Ghostfire is still available in the High Seas Horror fast palette and all the others featured in the photo are available in the store... In Bones 5 they had Foerster's favorites which was 12 paints pulled from existing paint colors and then they had the 12 new colors that were added. So maybe there will be these + another option with 12 "new" colors that fill in old holes. Yeah, the triads are being broken up as certain paints get the chop due to sales performance and that is super sad but there aren't any of the discontinued triad paints shown here. Chestnut Gold, Palomino gold and Buckskin Pale were in a triad, but Chestnut gold was discontinued (I think it was replaced by Golden Griffin Tan)... Shield brown is in a still available triad, same with twilight blue, stone grey, Aged Pewter and Old bronze, all still available. The rest (Succubus Kiss, Yellow Mold, Spectral Glow and Goblin Skin) are MSP Bones colors that I'm not sure were ever part of a triad and were never cut from the line.


    I'm probably going to skip this "Painter's Pick" option as I am only missing the Goblin Skin color from this offering.



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  4. Hokay, so... just ruminating about Bones 6 and something occurred to me:


    I went back to the Bones 5 Kickstarter page to look at the zombies that came in the core set and I completely forgot how big the Bones 5 Core Set actually was. It had... ready for it? 152 miniatures included.


    Makes me wonder how much will get added to the Bones 6 Core Set and I bet that will change a fair few peoples minds about backing. 



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  5. After seeing the tease of the Bones 6 Core set last night, I was at first disappointed but as I look more at the spread of options I realize that a lot of holes in my collection would get filled up. The only zombies I have are those that came with Bones 5, and now I can have a proper horde! The bog monster is awesome, and the tiefling dancer girl too. Some of them are most likely to be painted and/or sold but I'm realizing now that I would use more than I first thought. I'm an aspiring new DM and probably because of that, this core set may serve me better than most. I had hoped for more new sculpts in the core set though if I'm being honest.


    My initial thought is that with the assumption of there being some kind of undead expansion (evidence: the skeletons revealed earlier in this thread and the bones 6 Emblem with the raven holding a bone) the zombies COULD have been lumped in with that, allowing some other... more desirable minis to come with the core set.


    You can't please everyone and none of us have the same needs or wants so let's just all be glad Reaper even cares to consider its customers opinions... 

    *cough* LIGHTHOUSE *cough*


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  6. Just backed this for a few of the models... the Gutterborn Scum looks sufficiently creepy, the Aland with the lamp for a head has caught my eye as well as the Jammed Door with a skeleton which gives me (CREEPY) vibes of the talking door knockers from the Labyrinth movie. This looks like a game that I might enjoy but I have no plans on ever playing, so the minis I get will either proxy for D&D or just be for painting & display. Boris is an amazing sculptor and I'll be happy to have more of his work in my collection!

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  7. My hoard is definitely Reaper heavy, followed closely by wizkids(which is an almost 50/50 mix of un-painted and pre-painted - Trying to collect as many of the Critical Role minis as I can as well). I have a few batches of minis from random kickstarters and a score of old legos and weird toys that I've salvaged and need to either kitbash or fix up for the tabletop. Recently I got an order of Irowind Metals, and I have a cart almost ready with Darksword Miniatures. I have a diorama planned that is missing ONE model which no ones makes that I will either have to commission or attempt to sculpt myself as the pose and clothing are so specific, I'm having a hard time finding suitable kitbash options.


    My wishlists are still pretty long and I've got minis up to my ears, but there are a few holes in my monster line up as well as some that I want purely for display. My biggest hang up right now is storage and display. Bones 6 is gonna add to that issue but I love Reaper too much to not join in. I'm also a paint addict and I'm hoping for some new/revived colors.

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  8. On 1/20/2022 at 8:01 PM, lexomatic said:

     Did anybody late back 5 & can comment how it worked?

    I was a late backer of Bones 5, and purchased quite a bit through the Pledge manager though I came in after some of the items were no longer available and now I must wait to buy what I missed at full retail price....

    As far as how it went for me, I got everything except my Ravenholme set (which will ship out with my Bones 5.5 order, I guess they ran out of the intial run). Other than the infamous shipping issues that affected everyone, I got my stuff before I knew what to do with it all. I'll be backing in the early days only to make sure I don't miss out on something I might want real bad. As far as fulfillment goes, I think its likely that Reaper will fulfill with minimal issues and probably those issues will be with getting the items from China on time or shipping to Europe/U.K./Australia. Not every kickstarter I've backed has fulfilled but with Reapers track record, I wouldn't worry about that too much.

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  9. Not Bones, But MSP I'd like to see:   Large bottles of auxiliary products like Brush-on Sealer and Flow Improver. Especially since you are selling airbrushes, it would make sense to offer some larger sized bottles of those, maybe primers as well. Yes, there are companies already doing this and the difference between comparable products may be subjective but I am Reaper-biased and would love to have larger bottles of at least Reaper's Brush-on Sealer.

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  10. On 1/19/2022 at 10:39 AM, Edrajai said:

    Here are some traditional fantasy suggestions:


    -A colony of giant ants (some small workers, a few medium soldiers, a couple of swarms and a big queen)
    -A band of gargoyles (some regular ones, a spellcaster and a leader)
    -A band of nordic adventurers / viking raiders
    -A group of ents / treefolks

    I support this

    I will say this again in case it got buried in the sauce...




    Maybe the the figure head can have swappable choices like a viking style dragon head, Raven head, Wolf head, etc.



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  11. I'm after a metric butt load of base inserts for my Wrath of Kings factions -

    Round lip bases, Sizes 30mm, 40mm, 50mm & 80mm.

    Multiple styles would be great, like cobblestone/forest/industrial/beaches, etc...


    Vignettes for Dioramas, backgrounds & plinths for busts would be cool too!


    maybe texture rollers for basing? yes I know there are some on the market already, but I do not like the designs I have found available.

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  12. 17 hours ago, R2ED said:

    Anyone up for kicking into Halloween theme stuff? I usually try to do a diorama for my kid, but not sure what anyone else thinks? 




    I was thinking giving these two a shot. 



    Totally down to paint up these two. The base of the floaty skeleton is the last thing for me to finish on the last two models, should have that wrapped up after work and i'll get started on these. 

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