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  1. @R2ED I can't find Nathavarr the Ravenous on the Bones 5 sheet, did I miss it?
  2. I'm realizing now that I'm in wave 25, hopefully will receive my package before too long but I'm definitely gonna be lagging behind everyone on the paint club, hopefully it's cool that I keep doing my thing while you guys dive in.
  3. I tried to make him casting a cold magic spell with his right hand(cuz he's named Winterhand lol), almost like he was holding an action for dnd combat. The osl upon the book is not the best nor is the "glow" that i tried to achieve.
  4. I'm calling Vodelis finished. I hit a roadblock with his staff and belt pouches, couldn't quite achieve the face I intended and was getting frustrated with a magic effect I was trying out so I decided to just move on.
  5. Same. Took a moment on break to check for new posts. Almost done with Vodelis, I can see the end but will have to really buckle down to finish. @billeecats @R2ED Great work! love it!
  6. I agree with @Inarah. Further, I love Pure White. I'll probably have that in my arsenal forever. The clear bright colors are great for shifting hues around, I would suggest clear Magenta specifically to help get good purples. Other than that I'd just grab some colors you like and have at it. The two lines coexist together very well.
  7. I have some time this evening hopefully to finish cleaning up Darius for his Faction Fight and get some base coats on Vodelis. Just because his name is Winterhand, I can't seem to stop wanting to use the old 29817 Winter Blue for his cloak, maybe a salt & pepper beard...
  8. Soooooo I abandoned the green stuff I was planning to use on Vodelis Winterhand. I summoned my courage and started attacking his mold lines with my files. He's been primed and is ready for paint. I also finished taking the mold lines off of Bones USA Darius... didn't go as well. I thought I was in a good flow but then I encountered his right sleeve and started getting some crazy fuzziness all over the folds of his sleeve. I have a backup Darius by chance so I'll try a different approach there next time. I'm planning on using this Darius for the RVE Faction Fight, and will have to decide if it is worth another go with the exacto.
  9. Someone please sculpt a "Pandemic Sophie" where she is wearing a mask and is dressed like a nurse or first responder.
  10. Thanks for the kindness everyone! I can't wait to see everyone's progress, and I can't wait for your review of the airbrush @R2ED ! I'm gonna need to make room for one myself.
  11. So this week hit really hard. We've had frozen pipes at work and that meant lots of extra work leaving me absolutely whipped. We are over the hump with frozen pipes but unfortunately the worst news came - we have had a death in the family, and so the rest of my week is tied up with family duties. Fingers crossed I can find some time on the weekend to maybe speed paint Darius but at this point I have to say it's unlikely I'll finish. Maybe next week.
  12. No extra shoulder bits. Gonna have to adapt & overcome. It's all good, I like a challenge.
  13. So I finally bought some green stuff and need to deal with an issue on Vodellis' shoulder pauldron(sp?). It almost looks like the mold segments were slightly misaligned or something because there is a significant "step" down in the middle if the armor plates. Filing down would remove so much of his shoulder I'm sure I'd muck it up. So I decided to try to backfill greenstuff in the recess and smooth it down to match the rest of the pauldron. Any tips before I get started?
  14. @Hibou Thats actually pretty brilliant. I think Ill give that a try, thanks!
  15. You're right, I realize that. My brain just made a big leap and I didn't phrase my question very well. I was just curious if there were any issues like @Inarah mentioned above. I'd hate to lay down some acrylic layers and then strip them accidentally with the alcohol base of the Liquid Gold. I am excited to see how the Metal Color paints work out for you!
  16. Looks good! my first thought was a feywild bonfire, but now im thinking of giants cooking up some dwarves and a halfling thief!
  17. I have a bottle of Vallejo Liquid Gold, but haven't tried it out yet... Maybe Vodelis Winterhand will have some of that added to his color scheme just to see how it works. I know its an alcohol base, are there any pitfalls I should be aware of besides using a dedicated synthethic brush and solvent? Edit: will it react badly with the MSP acrylics?
  18. So I have to call Hakon finished. I'm not too happy with how he came out, and will probably repaint him later on. I really botched the NMM gold on the horn and feel like his over all color scheme got too muddy. I intended him to be a dirty ne'er-do-well mercenary npc... maybe not the right browns together... thoughts? I'm confident I can do better. For next weeks model I'm gonna paint Vodelis Winterhand, but like @billeecats, I'd like to also paint Darius the Wizard if I manage to find the time for both.
  19. Stynylrez is by far my favorite primer because it seems to outperform all of the other brush on primers I have tried. I've been scared to dive into airbrushing but with the arrival of Bones 5 looming I'm beginning to feel like it might be necessary, especially with the pirate ship... I bought a rattlecan of army painter white for zenithal highlighting, but I have yet to try it out.
  20. I also got an extra Mesuline Darkember with my mega bundle which arrived this morning. I love this company.
  21. These are so dope. I use LAs Totally Awesome cleaner for stripping, haven't tried any other brands but it works pretty well.
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