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  1. Been a rough week so far, life has taken over but I've managed to clean up the mold lines on Hakon, he's now ready for primer and paint. With Lysette, I tried a bunch of new things and I think I'll keep pushing that envelope with Hakon too. Ive never tried NMM before, so that's my goal with at least his axes and chainmail. If I feel confident I'll also try NMM on the massive warhorn on his back but that has more detailed micro surfaces the might pose quite a challenge... Side note: I ordered the Mega Bundle, should be here on friday. Is anyone else gonna be getting RVE swag? Looking forward to painting all of it, that big 75mm sculpt especially looks fun to paint.
  2. I also got the mega bundle, not as I'mpressed with the free models like you are but I'm just gonna use them for painting practice when I'm trying to nail a new technique. I really hope to grab a couple more of those paint racks after RVE wraps up.
  3. Sounds like you are super busy and deserve some R&R! I'm excited to see your version of the stone giants, I've got a couple of them waiting for paint.
  4. Round 2 shelf of shame model: 89049 Pathfinder Bones: Hakon, Iconic Skald. I love this sculpt, had for about a year now so I think it's time for him to get painted. I'm not sure about pink hair for this one though... lol!
  5. Wow so I had a goal of finished by midnight on sunday, didnt set an alarm, got lost in the fun of painting and I kid you not; I put my brush down at 11:59:57pm. Here is Lysette, I'm calling her finished. I really struggled with the glowing sword, gonna have to chalk this up to a lesson of what not to do. So many firsts for this challenge... First makeup on a face, first galaxy cloth, first magic glowing weapon(even tho it failed), first time with lining(also still learning) and first Bones USA model. Now I'll go look at the list for the next model and clean up the paint desk. Here is the best pic of her makeup and glittery bits.
  6. Nice! I love your color choices! The scabbard is awesome and i really like her hair! Well done!
  7. I'm in the home stretch now with Lysette, really hoping to finish her tonight. Besides fixing a few mistakes I just have to paint the flowers in her hair, the staff crystal, her eyes and her sword details. My partner chose a magical glowing sword for her - another first attempt for me, so I'm saving that for last. A couple of her leather bits may need a do-over with a different brown, they all seem to have blended together too much. The only detail I'm having trouble with is the inside of her dress by her leg. My partner suggesting trying a galaxy but that is a bit beyond my scope at this point with time flying by, so I may end up trying some stars and a constellation instead... Above all, I love being a member of this paint club. Having a communal goal to finish a model within a week has taught me a lot about my time management and given me more drive to paint. I have more models and paints on the way(as if I didn't have enough), including the new Bones USA model "Darius the Wizard" which I can't wait to paint. He's perfect for an evil NPC in my D&D campaign.
  8. As of this morning, Lysette has been base coated except for her sword and the base. I had trouble with the small of her back that's hidden by her hair and will need to touch up a few spots before lining. While I didn't get as far along as I planned, I really like where she's going at this point. Notes: NO PRIMER. So far the Bones USA plastic is taking paint like a dream. HOWEVER. I do see the benefit to under coating or priming in a base color as the dark grey may not be desirable depending on the painter/color scheme. Her hair took 3 full coats to achieve peak opacity but that's because I'm using Punk Rock Pink(my partner really challenged me there when she picked the colors!). I should have undercoated the hair with white but here we are.
  9. Definitely feel this sometimes. Last night was fairly busy for me, had to give Lysette a trim and a bath in small bursts as I found moments. Tonight I'll take a stab at blocking in base coats and lining. Still figuring out my order of operations, this will be my first attempt with lining. I figured it would help establish shadows and add definition before I layer up.
  10. Well my mold lines are cleaned up with just an exacto knife, didn't have any major incidents but the plastic does have a strange shredding quality to it. Took a lot longer than I wanted to in clean up and so I think I'll try not priming this model to see how that fairs compared to regular Bones. My partner gets to choose the color scheme, and here...we...go.
  11. Love the stynylrez primers. I brush it on, never had a problem.
  12. So I finally updated my unpainted Reaper minis inventory, and decided to add a page at the end for my paint collection, just for kicks. I decided to paint the new Bones USA Lysette for this 1st challenge, I love this goal of one mini per week and can't wait to share the progress.
  13. Green Stuff World makes the conductive paint I'm planning to use, it's gonna be a fun experiment!
  14. @R2ED Just yesterday I finished my google spreadsheet for my Bones 5 haul, and then real late last night decided to add 3 more dragons on the pledge manager, lol. My next task is to inventory my unpainted Reaper minis. I came late to the game and only started buying Reaper after Bones 5 was already closed, and had to load up on whatever was left in the PM. Missed out on Reapercon 2020 completely and I really want that Dead Men Tell No Tales model of the skeleton pirate king, but I'll just have to roll an investigation check for that one. I have decent box of Reaper minis with a lot of variety in size and material(metal, bones, bones black) so hopefully I have something comparable that will fit the guidelines. I also have the new Bones USA Krampus and Lysette the Elven Mage, excited to try the new material! I'll try to get my inventory finished and shared by this evening after work.
  15. SOOO glad I caught this before I missed the chance. I LOVE Star Wars AND D&D, they must have seen me coming! Besides, I needed a Death Knight anyway and who couldn't use more guards! Also the Paladorian model is just too good to pass up! The Backerkit closes on Feb. 5th, I believe.
  16. Im aiming at #3 myself, was thinking I'd use some conductive paint to connect glowing LED eyes, then basically line it with either Reaper's Black Ink or Grey Liner(hiding the conductive paint strategically in the crevices). I want to leave most of the translucent plastic untouched except the lining so I can also put it on an LED base to light the whole thing from below.
  17. What colors did you use on the Gossamer-net-cloth sleeve? Im planning on using either Spectral Glow or Ghostly Moss on his armor and Cactus Flower highlighted up with white for his hair.
  18. I'd be interested for sure! I also don't discord and love this idea. I unfortunately was very late to the party and missed out on some of the options, particularly the Brinewind stuff... I'm still hurting about that... but anyway, as long as I have the mini that is chosen for the week, I'll happily contribute!
  19. In anticipation of my pirate ship arriving, I am beginning to think about transporting it. It's perfect for my D&D game right now, and when we all feel comfortable meeting in person again, I'd like to bust this out on the table. Just wondered if anyone is in the planning stages like me and if there are better ideas than a soft foam lined cardboard box?
  20. After obsessing over Reaper's magnificent paints, I am left wanting something... some sort of description of the paints are designed for/ capable of. For instance; I bought a bottle of Prom Night Pink, only to realize it was a pearlescent once I received it. The Holiday color set gets nice descriptions of each paint... I just want to see more info about the paints without having to search for hours on google or in the forums.
  21. I would love to see a Tabaxi Gunslinger with a poncho and a wizard hat, a Greatsword strapped to it's back, six shooter at it's side, with a smoking pipe in his mouth. Kind of like the Cactus Joe gorilla gunslinger... but different.
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