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  1. A couple of things, The rule set for the WWII zombies was finished but never published, it was going by the working title of "Reich of the Dead". had art done and everything. I'd love to hear what you thought about Cowboys and Gunslingers. I was with the group that helped right that game, although Tim Peaslee was the main driving force. One game I think you should try and find is Eat Hitler (I think that is the title). It's about a Nazi time machine that carries the upper echelon of the third Reich back to the Jurassic Period. The object of the game is to get the dinos of the area to eat as many Nazis as possible
  2. Awwwww.....No Christmas Dark Young. Oh well, Maybe next year
  3. Fun shmum I want my Christmas horrors And not just the ones Uncle Don makes at dinner with his conspiracy rants.
  4. So I saw the note "get ready for the madness" on the 12 days of Reaper. Does this mean we're going to have a Christmas Dark Young? Maybe a Santa Eldritch Horror? The mind recoils with the scent of pine and cinnamon
  5. Is the Reapercon Sophie going to be available in the store?
  6. I'm so sad. I'm wave 3 but still haven't received an email. I'm so hopeing it was set incorrectly or not received due to hotmail. maybe it's on my doorstep right now........ <running sound> no <sigh>
  7. Is Reaper going to ORIGINS this year. If they are will they have the Victoria Minis again?
  8. So I was looking for a few of the Master Series mini's and I noticed that they have disappeared from the online store? Have they been discontinued?
  9. If anyone in the Central Ohio area is unaware, we are currently on scenario 5 of Rise of the Lich Lord. The next game will be held at Ravenstone Games on May 29th starting at 2pm. If you are interested in joining pm me. At this stage you do not have to start at level 0. Check out our Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1672405139670395/?ref=bookmarks
  10. It's my attempt on nmm, The lantern turned out a little better
  11. I'm happy how she turned out. And it was the first mini I sold!
  12. Yeah, definitely a next-year thing... although I've already started statting them up in my head in 5th edition (Eve is a cross-classed Wizard/Druid, Carol is, well, a bard, but with some Ranger for animal handling, Ulther is a Paladin, and the other one a Battlemaster. The elf has to be a Warlock/rogue (no armor, and no weapons but a box of stuff? clearly a Bladelock...) Of course, they'd also work well as the core for a Frostgrave krewe... You know, last night I was thinking about a Christmas themed Frostgrave warband. Yukon Cornelius is obviously a treasure hunter. Frosty is a construct. I wasn't planning on spending $40... I was also trying to come up with a Frostgrave group with a xmas theme. Christmas Eve will make a great Thaumaturge.
  13. is there a KS page up yet? I can't find it If there is please link it to me please. OH SWEET THOR'S HAMMER I CAN'T TAKE IT!!!!!!!
  14. Will she be available for purchase in the online store?
  15. The brand new dungeon is still in production. But I'll see if I can find a few pics of his others.
  16. The person you need to talk to is Castlebuilder, He's got all the stat cards and charts. I'll let him know about this thread. He's also written up a couple of other scenarios to go with his other dungeons. BTW, if you're going to ORIGINS or GENCON this year you should check out his new dungeon he's making this year.
  17. I really, really want to take you up on this, but it's just not in the cards. <sigh>
  18. Which Game scenario sounds better to you, a stright cowboy game, cowboy vs aliens, or cowboys vs. zombies?
  19. It was a great Convention. We had lots of folks go through the Paint and Take, my class was sold out and a great time, and dispite the Great Purple Worm massacure the dungeon crawl was a blast. If you missed it this year make sure you make it next.
  20. BASHCON XXIX When: Feb 14-16 Where: University of Toledo, Student Union What will be going on: Paint and Take, Dungeon crawl, Speed painting contest, and a Painting class. Come down and join us, it's a fun Con and always a good time For more informaion go to :http://www.bashcon.com/
  21. Question about the chariots, are they scratch build or a kit. Follow up question, If they are scatch built can you PM me a how to?
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