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  1. I owe Steve a debt of gratitude for all the hours I've spent playing some version of the BRP rules. The Worlds of Wonder boxed set is among my prized RPG possessions. RIP Steve...
  2. I feel like this is what End of Eva was trying to express, it was put as if Anno was expressing his mental clarity, it left me emotional knowing this is the last Eva media… I loved Evangelion my whole life and this was amazing. Characters felt truly refined in a way, it’s like all of these years Hideako Anno finally found himself. And I also felt happy after this movie. After 4.0 Eva has taken back my #1 spot for fav media.
  3. By the looks of the reference image, I agree to just finish it, would like to see your own version of it. 😄
  4. Haven't got the time to watch this yet, so is this the future where Q never introduced the Enterprise to the Borg? And what is that eight orb insignia on Q's lapel? Could it be in some way connected to the Octonary star system Ennis and Raffi spoke of?
  5. My past, I want to straighten up my wrong decisions in life. If that's countable.
  6. Anyone already watched Mortal Kombat 2021? What's your take? I say the way Loo Kang wielded his flames.. That's what we expect from an Avatar Live Action Remake.
  7. "I know you gentlemen have been through a lot, but when you find the time, I'd rather not spend the rest of this winter TIED TO THIS broccoliING COUCH!" Garry, John Carpenter's The Thing
  8. Just started watching some more romance anime after I felt drained the last four or so years. Currently watching Rent a girlfriend and so far I like it. Next on the line are Tsuki ga kirei, Sankarea and Kaguya-sama.
  9. How is it that you still have your garden while having snakes in your land? Aren't they dangerous?
  10. Finally did some gaming for the first time in ages. Started out with Origin, which is a gorgeous little tactical game that I think has a lot of potential. Really beautiful game and surprisingly cheap considering how much wood is in it. Then we played Wiraqocha, which went the way all my games of it have gone: okay, but seemingly missing something. It's on the trade pile..
  11. Man, a solid sci-fi skirmish rule set would be nice. Kill Team is fun, but clunky, and I know there are other sets out there, but nothing has engaged me quite as much as the WH40K setting and lore as yet. Seems to have a slight Firefly vibe, and that is fine.
  12. Your daughter has a future for being an artist. The griffon will definitely look bad without his wings, she might have thought of that too.
  13. Love what you did with the wizard man. But good job on painting those 3! I'm sure you've learned a ton from painting those!
  14. There's actually lots of possible "what if" scenarios there, that's why it's fun to play it especially if you get someone to play with you! Have fun with your gaming, man!
  15. My form of anxiety tends to take the form that in a task I don't really want to do, every tiny speedbump seems like a mountain. So I procrastinate the task, feel guilty about it, and then spiral into a state where I can't accomplish anything. When I do see this happening, I've found that the best approach is to acknowledge it, point out to myself that there isn't anyone else who is going to do this task, and I visualize the time when this task is complete and how much better that will feel. The gifts I gave to myself were my good health and patience. Prayers sent for all that are having struggles this past year, I feel bad that so many are struggling..... most of us here are so fortunate.
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