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  1. Blacktooth Terror from Bones 4 painted like Bells Phase Lace Monitor(photo for reference included). C&C please.
  2. The first 3 Bones Apparently there's a haunted train track in my community of a woman who committed suicide by jumping in front of a train DB Cooper I celebrate spring with baseball season arriving. And I have a small farm with 50+ pet birds of various species and thousands of wild birds
  3. AD&D or Elder Scrolls I love the spring. Sunny but not unbearably hot. A nice breeze. Smell of blooming flowers
  4. A few days ago. I own just about every Nintendo console and play them all regularly. Last I played was Super Mario 3 with the wife on the Switch. Still the best game in the series
  5. Trivium Strife https://youtu.be/IIvSXocE6YY
  6. I was an avid reader as a child and as a teen. Now it's mostly audio books while painting or mowing
  7. Just boots, best work pants and cleanest looking work shirt. I install systems like fire alarm, security, camera, etc.
  8. He's my stand in for bronze, copper, and brass dragons of his size.
  9. Was painted before I tried Reaper Paints. But this is one of my favorites
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