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  1. Blacktooth Terror from Bones 4 painted like Bells Phase Lace Monitor(photo for reference included). C&C please.
  2. The first 3 Bones Apparently there's a haunted train track in my community of a woman who committed suicide by jumping in front of a train DB Cooper I celebrate spring with baseball season arriving. And I have a small farm with 50+ pet birds of various species and thousands of wild birds
  3. AD&D or Elder Scrolls I love the spring. Sunny but not unbearably hot. A nice breeze. Smell of blooming flowers
  4. A few days ago. I own just about every Nintendo console and play them all regularly. Last I played was Super Mario 3 with the wife on the Switch. Still the best game in the series
  5. Trivium Strife https://youtu.be/IIvSXocE6YY
  6. I was an avid reader as a child and as a teen. Now it's mostly audio books while painting or mowing
  7. Just boots, best work pants and cleanest looking work shirt. I install systems like fire alarm, security, camera, etc.
  8. He's my stand in for bronze, copper, and brass dragons of his size.
  9. Was painted before I tried Reaper Paints. But this is one of my favorites
  10. I actually was a wrestler briefly before injuries hit. This was my theme. A metal version of the Misty Mountains song https://youtu.be/9eNnmIam0uM And also during my attempt at a comeback https://youtu.be/nOjlr42RVjg
  11. Trying for a tropical look and intentional wet blending for the first time
  12. NYC in the winter was horrible. Cold, smelly, and full of the loudest and rudest people I've ever encountered. And I have no interest in going to Portland
  13. My 1 year old talking to his turkey and guineas through the window
  14. Started these last night but not sure where to take them
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