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  1. I really am pumped about the world of adon returning. I have been super into warlord and DHA since I returned to painting in earnest durring covid. So I was snatching up every book, every casket work pdf, My goodness to roleplay a crusader of Almaran putting to rest people enslaved by the dark powers of the necropolis, that would be fun!
  2. Several of us painted the rather heavy set noble lady on discord so you may be able to find examples there... unless you mean this one?
  3. I REALLY want the banner pack bonsified, so many uses for it.
  4. I use water and cyanoacrylate and water some times
  5. desert terrrainn can mostly be sand stone with red streaks from iiron. also smalls and greens popps of springs with lots of greens and reds
  6. what is boxing soap? that is the only think out the ordiary I see here that maye has a decificiding factor I see
  7. yeah there is something like that in 1st but you loose faction benifits. Mercs can take a unit from another faction IIRC. but say gerard commanding a bunch of sisters of the blade, nope.
  8. that fulll armored heavy unicorn is awesome!
  9. yeah pulse was sus but i have been ripped off on ks many times. for those who don't like the new models(I hates them) reaper has many great models in line that make fantastic alternative models. I have been working towards that in parallel with many other painting projects. examples orcs: bones orc packs orc characters... bones also gotcha! goblins: bones goblin pack fimir: deep ones mummies/skeletons/zombies: bones has MANY zombies, skeletons and at least 1 mummy pack gargoyle: dunno, probably the necropolis ones. sorceror: bones necromancer or lich probably heroes: various bones models. you can do it, and you are in the right place!
  10. so this thread died before a conclusion was met. so far, I cannot remember who told me, the swing through thing was not as big a deal as a larger model *will* have more models piled on the same is true of mordhiem. It is a trade off of blocking paths or not sometimes you won't be able to place. there is no conclusion as some are beholden to either aesthetic and *will* distort arguments. in the end I use 60mm dread bases by gw for my 2 inch square equivalents. it isn't perfect but it is at least done. In the end this game is dead and I based one of my armies(50+ models) in squares and now have rebase them in rounds as I *hated* that aesthetic. again, trample and swing through are 2 things I am working through. I may draw arcs on swingthrough models. no idea about trample. The easy answer would be (eh it has to cross at least x inches of the base but that is no good.
  11. here's my notes so far on the round base issue Square <-> round rules issues. *Swing through model chooses base side to determine arc of swing. solution. paint 90 degree front and rear arcs on models with swing through. trample requires opposite sides the trampling model MUST cross from one side to another. Solution suggestions: all models have to have front and back arcs outside of pill base(this sucks and is tedious) you must CROSS the shoulder of a model. if in quest as in no clear shoulder require you opponent to designate shoulders. base sizes: It took a while to narrow this down. I have been doing this across my entire collection and it works fine. some models do not fit on certain size bases sometimes you can alter models. So far some models brought about issue: some you can tweak the models or use an alternative. Luckily reaper has a MASSIVE collection. STD 25mm square (proposal) 25mm round CAV 25mm x 50mm rectangle (proposal) 25X50 mm "pill base" LRG 1.5"/40mm square (proposal) 40mm round GIANT 2"/50mm square (proposal) gw 65mm round(dreadnought base)
  12. best I got is to keep raising AWARENESS that there are people interested in AND most importantly BUY the models. Savage north is color. if you want the core game factions in color the first ed book has lots of color pics. I like crusaders so I mostly spend my time in the 2nd ed book not savage north. but right now I am hung up on adapting the rules to work with round bases. I might have to post my own rule supplement but there are also issues i have with the round turn sequence. I hate igougo, I feel to modernize the game, I need to implement an alternating activation system. Now do I expect anyone to care? nope but compared to my massive amounts of models it won't be a lot of work. once I get that done, I think it could help to raise up interest in the game. My only issue is people are scant in conversation. I really need to get some games with squares and the core game system. but yeah....
  13. not D&D, warlord. did some looking into the D&D stuff.. SO.. the duergar are actually worshiping asmodeus and that puts them in alignment with the nine hells. Kinda neat. kinda feel like darkspawn should be able to take darkdwarves and firegiants or at the very least if the warlord dark dwarves are similar to the duergar they can have an interesting set of demonic magic along side machine constructs...
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