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  1. @rgtriplec I have the 2nd ed book but I cannot find where it details how mercs work in this game system. @wildgerI just got my savage north book today. Been doing support beams on terrain for the past 3 hours tonight. I do have the second edition book, I was intially confused by all the named characters with troops but realized that they are just generic captains with specific reaper#. Outside of unqs/solitaires all the entries in the end are generics? I love the flexibility of the squads(troops) in the army construction system. On "your army must be composed of a single faction" So a crusaders army can ONLY have crusaders, no mercs?
  2. So, a few questions: Mercenaries. There was a post about how if we take so many mercenaries we will lose our faction benifits? is that true? if so, where do I find the limits and who can go in what force? Going to a shop with plentiful reaper next wed and want to have a shopping list in hand for what I can use in my necropolis and crusader forces. SO, we can have: 0/1 warlord 1/3 captains(assuming no duplicates with UNQ?) ?/? sgts? So after that, elites as many as fill the slots, soldiers, I am assuming we can mix and match as we darn well please? I'll have more questions, right now I am painting up a storm, just did 8 battle nuns, 4 characters last night. so today I start basing my other solidiers and elites.
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