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  1. Flies I bought a big ole pack of joke flies, pulled the wings off, primed painted and sealed then glued wings back on stuck them on brass rods fell like a champ
  2. anyone know who malvernis was in reapers DHL? did we ever get anything? they seem to have evolved into the overlords faction.
  3. since I am forever bit hunting. a bones request to go with the banner request: HEADS! PLEASE in bones material that would up the ability to use more of your glorious head bits readily.
  4. lol do you really want 2 of us on the planet building the forever dungeon?
  5. I have read and agree with the sentiment that thier terrain is best painted on sprue. that is what I shall be doing. pop off all connectors, cover the connection points with blue tac and bust out the spray on!
  6. I love how it is coming! keep going! reaper's spiders will fit on bases better. I got some of their scorpions and giant ticks for more bug variety. just because it is a spider, doesn't mean it has to be. Joe is big on letting your imagination drive the narrative of your models.
  7. a bit pricey for now but on the list that looks nice!
  8. so I really hate the only bones orcs we have are kinda derpy. So I wanna throw my hat if for: https://www.reapermini.com/search/lesser orc/latest/06169 Please key them in such a way that we can leave the shields off if we want to.
  9. that would be stupid smart! maybe even an army box in the PM!?!?! that would be so freaking awesome! I'd buy the army boxes for armies I already have if they simply had faction cards!
  10. I would happily pay for a digital copy of all my rule books including but not limited to all the v1 books as they have been terribly hard to get. I have my last one as far as I know to complete my book collection. SO if they went to digital new books would not require printing or carrying stock of a physical copy. even though all the 2nd ed books are still available it would make the game more acessible and possible for ed to more easily put out more content. 🙂
  11. could you update this to: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/50075-two-questions-from-a-warlord-newcomer/
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