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  1. not D&D, warlord. did some looking into the D&D stuff.. SO.. the duergar are actually worshiping asmodeus and that puts them in alignment with the nine hells. Kinda neat. kinda feel like darkspawn should be able to take darkdwarves and firegiants or at the very least if the warlord dark dwarves are similar to the duergar they can have an interesting set of demonic magic along side machine constructs...
  2. I think they are spiffy, have a great visual identity and a cool icon(three nails) which could have been a faction symbol. So razig, sisterhood of the blade and halflings(never made it to final AFAIK) began as part of the mercs faction. was this to eventually split off as well? DO we know much?
  3. Looks regal, great job! I love when people do gorgeous basic colors like this. A lot of people(INCLUDING ME) don't do anything nearly that clean.
  4. what purple is that? looks like malveris purple(OOP)
  5. Nice, very bob ross! i WANT to do this but don't have the confidence. What kind of paints do you use, do you seal it?
  6. happy birthday birthday bro!
  7. Mattahari is gorgeous my wife will love her! also love jeane! I'll look forward to at least getting her in the pm. when I saw jeane in the update I practically jumped! Love her!
  8. much love, I respect what you are doing. Like I said, big fan, is it going to be q4 2021?
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUuDsaWYF5o
  10. This is really cool, are you the badsquiddo lady? I backed your wwII russians with vigor! you saw an opening in the market and you had a need so you filled that, I respect that! MY precipitous pile of potentially painted models is pretty huge otherwise I'd jump on this. I may still, your work is solid.
  11. any possibility we can do the cavalier #03822 or dutchess #03823? I don't mind doing the theme on a skellie, I have plenty just asking.
  12. Jon, I love this. I hope I can do the theme justice! thank you! Count me in!
  13. for me, it is bones or bust. all my budget is going to reaper
  14. Use msp, it dries fast. I love it, my productivity has shot through the roof with it.
  15. wow, that is freaky! Sorry your models were unsealed the paintjobs will be lost in mold removal. Best suggestion is to isolate the models from that container until you can find a way to safely demold them.
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