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    Miniatures, family time, animals, marvel comics, bushwalking, caring for my elders, making rpg lists & working on my exoskeleton.

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  1. I have enough minis but would probably still buy the following: --A press in corpse maker mold to use with plasticine for fun death effects. --Native tribes people: Sioux, Apache, Mohawk, Aussie Aborigines & a Maori warparty (Haka mode!). --Deities of mythology (ogre sized, muscular and stocky). --Termite folk (make em militant like starship troopers). --Demonic engines with wheels (& waste land riders ala fantasy mad max). --Potion enhanced freaks (remember ol tweety bird hyde?). --Mountain Hobgoblins (mongol garb, hulking, thick set and brooding). --Dire wombat (yes really. Make it a chunky & unaturally squared body). --Dire mud hoppers. --A Mongolian death worm. --Bush giants (giants in native garb). --Thylacoleo (marsupial lion). --Big mama Brachiosaurus (BIG! With optional ---frame/structure for modding howdah or dwelling). --Gigantic, playful pussy cat. --Students of a school of magic. --Corrupted townsfolk --Town guards (make em smug & punchable). --Giant ants (sprue parts!) would be cool. Other exciting ideas i liked... Elven swan boat -- Auldgrump Fairy tale stuff -- Gary Pryor Giant dragon flies -- Cyradis Skull varieties & an Andrewsarchus -- Glitterwolf. Fallen angel & Gods -- Davepgh. Castle functionaries, Middle eastern & African styled humanoids -- Phoenix Rising. Heads & dire Japanese crab -- Lexomatic. Tigers -- Strawhat Plain skeleton -- Jordan Peacock Dark carnival -- Mutilated Lips More Fay -- Nunae Captives -- Dr Propaganda Good ideas -- Grumpstar Mad mage mansion ideas -- Criticalhit Fat dragons & subterranean cannibals -- Lordofwolves Titanoboa -- Doug Sundseth Terrain ideas -- SotF Overweight adventurers -- Kalibak Royal navy -- Edrajai Fish swarm, large praying mantis, maggot swarm -- Vpoirier000 Heraldic beasts -- Cranky Dog
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