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  1. 3 hours ago, Pochi said:

    Right. But which can you do a better design on? A tiny skeleton is not going to be able to be as detailed as the skull on a plinth. It wasn't even mentioned if Aetherworks would even have them (I am guessing no). It would just be nice to have a level playing field.



    The Graveyard Finial Skull toppers might work better for what you want then.


    They come several in a pack, are larger skull shapes and closer to design of the plinth. Since they are a larger pack of 8, and you can submit multiple entries, you could likely enter a couple different options for design that way.

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  2. 1 minute ago, Pochi said:

    Right, so if you can only do it once a year and it is supposed to show growth from year to year, if I paint something I painted last year, to me, that is following what the rules say. That is why I was asking for clarification. I am not the only one who has asked so the rule is a bit ambiguous. "Aim for January/December" doesn't really clarify as people tried posting things this month and were told to wait to post both minis at the same time in December. In that case, it should just say "Post both of your minis in December."  So everyone doing the RCL should have all painted a mini on January 1 and then everyone posts on December 31? That seems silly and also would probably be after the quarterly and yearly raffles. If you painted at the end of January and posted on December 1, that's not 365 days. See what I'm saying? Maybe I am reading too much into it but I tend to be a pretty literal person.


    I think that may be the case.  I get how the word choice of the '365' phrasing can seem a bit more precise in tone.  I do not believe that was the intent originally, and I've asked in the Mod Channel in Discord for some clarification of the intent right now.

    But I believe we have already specified to people who have asked in Discord that the 365 category did not need to be a literal year, and that they could paint something in January and post the follow-up in December.  So a few people have already begun that process. It wasn't that you needed to paint Jan. 1st and Dec. 31st.  If you painted in January and posted anytime in December it would count.

    As for the challenge league raffle points and drawings:

    "Each quarter, a RCL raffle shall be held during the last seven days. This ensures that people have ample time to enter tickets or finish any entries so your points may be exchanged into tickets.  On the last day of the quarter, the raffle will be drawn, and winners posted.

    At the end of the year a larger raffle will occur that accounts all accrued points points you have earned yearly (spent and unspent). "

    So you can post earlier in December, and enter the points before the drawings at the very end of the year for the quarterly/yearly.


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  3. 2 hours ago, Pochi said:

    Sorry, another question. @Reaper_Jon on the yearly 365 mini, if I paint a mini in February that I painted last February, that fulfils the rules right? To me it seems weird to have a yearly challenge that you can't finish this year if you have to paint the first mini this year. I can prove I painted the first one last year because it's posted on my socials. Just checking because it is what I plan on doing.


    It's easier to get answers here. On discord, 20 people throw in conflicting opinions and no answer seems really official.

    From my understanding - anyone who paints a model beginning of this year January for instance - can repost it end of the year sometime in December for credit.  We are not setting strict confirmation or verification that it be painted 365 days apart this year.  It's about seeing the growth over the year.  As per the RCL notes in Discord -  "Aim for January/December"

    It's only redeemable for credit once per year though per person.  

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