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  1. @Poilu_1914 The wings felt like the hard part for sure! I saw an amazing example of this same Wyvern o.n this forum in which the wings were painted with a spotted patterning- but I knew for sure that was more than I could tackle! I did do some thin layers, to get color variation and tried to be aware of how they would be shadowed. Overall ok with the results. :) @Darcstaar I didn’t realize until I had it assembled that I would need some kind of flight support base. Once I realized it, the search was on. The “rock” I ended up using is actually a piece of landscaping bark from my yard! It worked well, because I sunk the base rod down a little into it- with plenty of superglue. With some clear coat, moss and sand at the base, it worked very effectively. Thanks for noticing. :)
  2. Thank you all for the positive support! :)
  3. Thank you Glitterwolf!
  4. My first Wyvern. :)
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