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  1. Thanks Glitterwolf you started me down a rabbit hole of greenstuffworld you tube tutorials that were just what I was looking for
  2. So I'm starting a project I love, painting monsters for my magnum opus: Mount Evermordoom! I want every level to feature a monster who has a poison that enterprising heroes could extract from the poison table in the Core Rule Book. My first Poison Monster will be the Black Adder, who naturally features Black Adder Venom. You never know when one of these will pop-up; in a treasure chest, in a bone pile, at the bottom of a pit, climbing up a ladder, hidden in a cursed handy haversack, or efficient quiver. Curiously their is no Black Adder in any of the Bestiaries, so these ar
  3. Well I finished her up, kind of a rush job, not an expensive mini and I don't have a character in mind for her, just wanted to get her off my to do shelf. since the last post I washed, highlighted, black lined and sealed her. Looking at her here I feel bad that I didn't take the time to sand her sword, and she has so much armor, I should have made some highlight areas more shiny. I've been thinking about what I'd like to ask the forum about and I have a couple things I'd like your esteemed opinions on. Can anyone give me advice on how to stage and take pictures of mi
  4. His metal shades are amazing, the lines on the shaded parts or so straight, it's like they were pressed on by a machine instead of painted with a brush
  5. So I was painting a different miniature, but rather than put my paints up I thought I'd do a quick job on this easy wizkids dnd mini A friend of mine bought a pack of 2 of these and wanted me to paint one for his character which I did, but i kept the second one for myself after I paint it for grins and giggles I think I'll list it on ebay and auction it starting for 1$ then see what it fetches. So I mounted her on a base, primed and base coated her to get a feel for what colors will be where. I spent an inordinate amount of time putting her on my preferred dungeon ti
  6. thanks guys, don't have the mini anymore to pic, but took a pic to compare b4 and after
  7. One of my players is a Tiefling Wizard and has been enduring a junky old mini for 10 levels now So I ordered him a proper modern mini and painted him up for his birthday I stuck with colors I thought would be appropriate for someone like him who solves all of his encounters with fireballs
  8. I've been fussing over him for awhile, but it's time to admit I'm done. This was my first miniature blacklining with actual ink, I like how thin the lines turned out and will continue in the future. I've washed him, highlighted him, and dry brushed him a little. I backed off on some of my grand plans for the scepter, it turned out fine but its not AMAZING. All that's left is to clean up the base a bit, make it obvious he's standing on dungeon tiles and not a mysterious black and white mess, then seal him, sign the mini on the bottom, stage him, and post him in the "Show Off
  9. thanks for the tip, I picked up a brush and ink this weekend. I've never thought to buy ink. I really like your color choices on the fighter with the antlers on the shield
  10. An eclectic bunch A Wizard, a zombie, a halfling and a Satyr walk into a bar ... I like that since you have the paints out and your painting, you might as well nock out a few other miniatures you have sitting around. what is in the halflings hand? has he/she ripped out some one's heart? You did a great job on the details of the Satyr's (If that's what he is) mouth
  11. Primed and base-coated got a feeling for what colors where, using colors of golarian The rust of the beard and leather pouches and belt are too similar to the orange of the inner cloak and glove and sash I will have to differentiate them in the wash and highlights This is a serious cloak/cape and layering has never been my strong suit I would like help pointing to an example of how to do a cool orb for the small crystal ball at the tip of his scepter, I want to blend the red of his cape with the orange of his inner cape The wizard this is for has a fireball fetish
  12. How did you do the base on the rat-man? I love dungeon tile bases and that is significantly better than what I'm using. I see what you like about these minis. The Evil Elven Assassin looks amazing
  13. I like the black lining on boots and belts, how did you get it so thin? My black lines have been wider than yours and uneven.
  14. One of my players has a Tiefling Wizard, so for his Birthday I'm painting up a mini for him. I chose Vatanis because he is awesome and a huge step up from what he has been playing with, he's made it to 10th level and deserves something cool. I normally mount my minis on a base that comes purchased with a dungeon tile pattern. I snip off whatever they come standing on, Dremel Tool some holes for them to stand in, then crazy glue them into green stuff in the holes like my example mini on the right of the first picture. My normal base isn't going to work on Vatanis b
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