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  1. I got put on the schedule because they had room for my class. Yay me and thanks Ron! Saturday at 1pm - Paint Your First Miniature. Absolute beginner level class for people who want to see what all the fuss is about.
  2. BLATANT SELF PROMOTION My class is on the schedule! "Paint Your First Miniature" is Saturday at 1pm. This is the one for people who have never picked up a brush and want to see what all the fuss is about.
  3. Tempting... But I'll stick with something that won't have me and the class in tears.
  4. Edit edit - I'm teaching a class! Now to pick what mini to use!
  5. I'm getting into Love Field on Wednesday 8/31 around 5pm and have room for a couple of people. I'm leaving Sunday (back to Love Field) 9/4 with a noon flight. Plenty of space for people on that trip.
  6. If they're doing away with Boneyard shopping it would make sense for people who have existing melt credit to be able to go to the Boneyard and those with new melt credit be able to take it from the Table of Tetanus. That way the people who have credit aren't penalized and the new metal trade in can still find stuff to take with them. I see it as a reasonable compromise for what seems to be the last year of metal bits picking.
  7. With today's post that classes are going on sale soon did I miss the link where you could submit classes you want to teach?
  8. They're on Hero's Hoard under Generic Fantasy.
  9. The best nippers I've found for support removal are dollar store cuticle scissors. Those things work and don't mind being dunked in water. And if they stop working as well they're cheap to replace.
  10. I have a small, inexpensive (but correct frequency) ultrasonic cleaner and it works just fine to get off that outer layer of slime ... err ... resin. Drop the parts into a small ziplock, add LA Absolutely Awesome, close it up, put it in the USC, add water to correct level, bzzzt for 3 minutes. I reuse the LA Awesome quite a few times and get great results.
  11. I just checked the monthly and throwback folders - didn't see anything new from earlier. Maybe you're on a different tier than I am?
  12. When they only give information regularly on one of those six channels the number they CAN use is irrelevant.
  13. The .grip system isn't on Thingiverse anymore. The link I posted is as close to a replacement as you can get. The mods are still there but not the system.
  14. I use the .grip system since it holds bottle caps as well as has a pressure system for those who don't want to glue them to caps. The absolute original seems to have been removed from Thingiverse but someone has put a copy up for all of us to use. The best mod in my opinion hollows it out and has a screw in plug so you can fill it with sand for weight. Obviously I printed out several since I tend to have multiple minis going at the same time and don't want to keep switching handles and because I can. Yes. I also printed bottle caps since I don't drink soda and don't have them lying about.
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