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  1. They're on Hero's Hoard under Generic Fantasy.
  2. The best nippers I've found for support removal are dollar store cuticle scissors. Those things work and don't mind being dunked in water. And if they stop working as well they're cheap to replace.
  3. I have a small, inexpensive (but correct frequency) ultrasonic cleaner and it works just fine to get off that outer layer of slime ... err ... resin. Drop the parts into a small ziplock, add LA Absolutely Awesome, close it up, put it in the USC, add water to correct level, bzzzt for 3 minutes. I reuse the LA Awesome quite a few times and get great results.
  4. I just checked the monthly and throwback folders - didn't see anything new from earlier. Maybe you're on a different tier than I am?
  5. When they only give information regularly on one of those six channels the number they CAN use is irrelevant.
  6. The .grip system isn't on Thingiverse anymore. The link I posted is as close to a replacement as you can get. The mods are still there but not the system.
  7. I use the .grip system since it holds bottle caps as well as has a pressure system for those who don't want to glue them to caps. The absolute original seems to have been removed from Thingiverse but someone has put a copy up for all of us to use. The best mod in my opinion hollows it out and has a screw in plug so you can fill it with sand for weight. Obviously I printed out several since I tend to have multiple minis going at the same time and don't want to keep switching handles and because I can. Yes. I also printed bottle caps since I don't drink soda and don't have them lying
  8. I've got an idea for a ribbon but I think it's going to be too difficult to confirm people meet the criteria. I'm still pondering.
  9. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't pay much attention to the painting contest or the awards ceremony. That won't stop me from offering up some suggestions for discussion. Every award does need to be acknowledged. Those people worked hard and should be recognized. No question on that one. But... The manner of recognition is the question I'm seeing under the layers. There's been some very good ideas that I'll condense down and put my own in so I can stir the pot again. Instead of having every Open Judging award winner on stage have them stand.
  10. Back in the day you did have spotters - myself and Teddi when we played Vanna with the items. We just weren't exclusive to that role.
  11. My (hopefully) helpful contribution to this thread is to suggest bringing a different bag to carry your stuff. The swag bags are great but everyone has them, leading to confusion. I brought and carried my supplies in a heavy canvas bag, completely different than the swag bags. Hopefully everyone gets their stuff back.
  12. The things I brought must have been really popular. A pound of sand, half a pound of rocks, and the big bags of glitter are all no longer on the table.
  13. To update this. I didn't feel like picking and choosing from the Happy Seppuku stamps so I'm just bringing them all. When I say 'all' I mean everything they've ever offered and convention exclusives. So there's plenty to choose from in there. I added cork sheets because they're useful for the cavern stamps. Really cool things, to be honest. Besides the stamps, the remaining green stuff (there's lots), and the punches I honestly don't expect to bring anything home. The supplies that don't get used can be taken home or put into the basing box of goodwill.
  14. Mine's the glitter I used in my tutorial for making treasure piles. Here's the link from the Wayback Machine since these aren't on the new site yet. https://web.archive.org/web/20190128235957/http://www.reapermini.com/TheCraft/33
  15. OK - my packing list (to date) is this: Happy Seppuku basing stamp selection (available when I'm there) Green Stuff (available when I'm there) 4 kinds of scale leaf punches (available when I'm there) Rice paper sheets (plenty to take home too) Mini bottles (plenty to take home too) Mini books (plenty to take home too) Glitter for coin piles (plenty to take home too) Rhinestones (plenty to take home too) Basing sand (plenty to take home too) Stones (plenty to take home too) Flock (plenty to take home too) Wooden display bases (firs
  16. I think we'll all fit and it's not THAT long of a drive. The trunk will probably require some clever arranging.
  17. If you don't mind getting a little cozy (and waiting at the airport for a bit) on Wednesday you can ride with me and @pcktlnt and @Dilvish the Deliverer and @Crowley. Our return flights are 10 minutes apart on Sunday so I can take you to the airport with me as well.
  18. Yay cookies! We'll hang around and wait. I'm sure someone will have a game or two we can play...
  19. @Crowley hasn't responded so I don't know if they're joining our merry troop. If so then please respond so I know if we need to wait.
  20. I'll bring some stuff and possibly some Happy Seppuku stamps if there's room in the luggage for them.
  21. My 'con husband' is taunting us by giving his typical routine for getting to RCon. He's not showing up this year. Hopefully next year...
  22. So it looks like @pcktlnt @Dilvish the Deliverer and @Crowley are all riding with me from Love to the hotel? Crowley is the latest of the bunch but not by all that much.
  23. I'm getting a car so if you're asking to ride with me, sure.
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