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  1. I agree with Jerry Trapspringer, Tamiya clear paints should give you that effect. I have used that line for over 15 years. The red is great for blood spots. One note of caution, they have a high gloss finish, and take a while to dry completely.
  2. Thanks for the reply,... My problem is when I ask a sales person about the differences they just want to sell the most expensive camera (duh, comission). And they do not want to take the time out to let me photograph a miniature in the store. So far, my on-line research indicates that there is little difference in viewing the .jpgs on-line, but there is a big difference in printing them out to hard copy. DAC
  3. I am looking into buying a new Digital Camera. 99% of my photography will be geared to close up miniatures shots or table top dioramas to be posted on the web. Is there a visible difference between 2MP, 3MP or 4MP .jpgs? Happy New Year DAC
  4. :laugh: This post can be taken so many ways... I will provide you with a way to paint nipples. Figure 2633 has a lot of nipple to work with, so make the most of it, er, them. Paint the nipples the same as the base flesh color. If your wash the flesh, do not wash the nipple area. Paint the nipples, not the surrounding area, a darker shade of the flesh. Or, a russet brown. Paint any raised area around the nipples the same shade or one or two shades lighter. Useing a medium to light wash of the same shade of the nipple tip, paint/coat the surrounding nipple area. Let dry Lightly! Dry brush the nipple with a shade or a few darker levels than your base flesh. Lightly! Dry brush the surrounding raised nipple area with few shades lighter, or darker (depending on the effect you want) from the base flesh color. That is the basics. You can experiment with darker washes, or outlining the nipples and surrounding nipple area. Some Advise.... If you paint a figure to represent reality, you will compaired against reality. If you paint a figure to represent fantasy, you set the standard for that individual figure. There are many parts to a figure. Try to make each part complementary to the others. Take Care, Happy Holidays, DAC
  5. :) This is a very long topic string concerning a Frog. I figured it would have ..... Croaked... By now :)
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