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  1. Thanks everyone for the reply. I was hoping to avoid purchasing an airbrush, and thought a brown spraycan primer would be the most economical and fastest way to get a basecoat onto the pirate ship. It has such huge surface area that it's really not a miniature; it's a model. The Army Painter rattlecans are spendy, and I might as well invest the cost into an airbrush. It's not only the pirate ships (I bought 2). Also coming are a few expansions and the core set, as well as 6 dragons, so I need some way to prime that is both cost and time effective. It sounds like airbrush priming might be the way to go.
  2. With the upcoming gigantic pirate ship, I’m beginning to look for a flat black spray primer or paint that adheres to (and dries) on plastics. Because the ship is so large, it doesn’t make sense to prime it and then paint it with acrylic. I’ve had bad luck with spray paints on plastics in the past. One can that promised to be formulated for plastics never dried and ruined a model. Any suggestions?
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