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  1. Thank you, Chaoswolf! Thank you, Iridil!. The snow is Valhallan Blizzard texture paint by Games Workshop. It looks like it's fluffy snow, but it's actually very hard to the touch. Thank you, Glitterwolf! Thank you, Samedi!
  2. Thank you, Grand Slam! I agree about the gloves. I knew from the get-go he would have green gloves. Thank you count Urlik! You’ve got to bundle up at the North Pole.
  3. Here is the last one from my January painting. This is the Father Christmas freebie, #1589. I got him in 2021, and finally got around to painting him. I wonder if that scroll in the case at his back is this year's version of The List?
  4. Thank you, Grand Slam! His hat looked too bland, it needed something extra to spruce it up. Thank you, Glitterwolf!
  5. Thank you, Chaoswolf! Thank you, Grand Slam! I like his base too. Thanks, Glitterwolf! Thank you, Iridil!
  6. Here are some minis from the Bones Kickstarter V campaign. After Christmas, I was finally able to get some paint on some minis, and have a productive month. #1003 #1013. I love the expression on this guy. It looks like he's not impressed by whatever he's hearing. #1026. I tried a different recipe for painting his red cloak. I like how it turned out.
  7. Thank you, Grand Slam! These were a lot of fun to paint.
  8. That is a scary looking demon! I love the ball of flame!
  9. Thank you, Chaoswolf! Thank you, Glitterwolf! Thank you, Dr. Boom!
  10. I was finally able to get back into the swing of things. Here are my minis from October & November. The Noblewoman from Bones Kickstarter 5. I think hers is one of the better human faces I've done. Here is the Warlord Spirit Wolf, #14623. I like how his blue flames turned out. And finally, the Overgourd from Bones Kickstarter 5. This was a fun one to paint.
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