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  1. Thank you, Chaoswolf. Thank you, Oblong Yellow. I've had his colour scheme in mind for years, and I finally got one to work onπŸ˜„ Thank you, Glitterwolf. Thank you, Krassling. Thank you, Iridil. Thank you, Supes8.
  2. Thank you Chaoswolf! Thank you Oblong Yellow. With a name like 'Frostfang,' I felt he had to have light fur Thank you, Glitterwolf!
  3. Thank you, Darcstaar!
  4. And here is Takhi Frostfang, Warlord #14565. I really like how his shading turned out. And then he joined the fight.
  5. Here is the Hippocampus, DHL #03172, sculpted by Sandra Garrity. I've wanted to paint this one for ages.
  6. I like the free hand pattern on his cloak πŸ‘!
  7. Those look really good! I like the dinosaurs the best πŸ‘
  8. Thank you, Iridil. I was going for a Fae Hound look.
  9. Thank you Strawhat. Yes, he does look like he's smiling about something. Thank you, Rigel.
  10. Thank you for the good questions, Brother Jim. He's made of metal. He came with 2 plastic, round, grey bases. No tabs for slots on his feet, or pegs either. And I agree, a Bones Feral Hunter would be awesome πŸ‘ Thank you, Glitterwolf . I will keep searching for his pack online.
  11. And then there was trouble on the display case. Feral (Warlord #14239) has made his show off debut already. I'm not stepping in the middle of this one . Thanks, Chaoswolf. I just want to give credit where credit is due. I do like the sculpture a lot.
  12. I'm not sure what the brown werewolf's name is, or what line he belongs to. All I can remember is that I bought him from eBay maybe 15 years ago. He is based on a 3D printed base from an Etsy seller (that's a much more recent purchase). If anyone knows what the name and the company that made the brown werewolf is, please let me know.
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