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  1. This is the 3D printable forest from Signum Games. I bought a physical copy from a seller on Etsy to use as a background for my minis. It is printed in 32mm scale, but only tiny 28mm figures fit in it. The young forest dragon (DHL #3332) and Unicorn foal (DHL #2207) are here to better show the scale. Might need to buy another version in 74mm...😁
  2. Thank you, Poilu_1914! I think this griffon weighs in as more of a biggie, than a mini.
  3. Thank you, Kangaroorex! The eyes were a lot easier at this scale 😁, than my usual 28mm or 32mm minis.
  4. Thank you, Chaoswolf! I assembled it before painting, and there were a few times when I wished I hadn’t 😜. Thank you, Glitterwolf! I just bought the Huge Black Dragon from eBay. I’m looking forward to having both of those on my painted up on my shelf.
  5. I love the LEDs and the ghostly king!
  6. Thanks, Grand Slam! This is the biggest mini I’ve painted, it was a lot of fun!
  7. Here is the Grenadier Dragon Lords Giant Griffon. This hefty beast weighs 2lbs 6oz (1.083kg) and measures 6.25 inches (~16cm) high to the highest wingtip, and 4.5 inches (~11.5cm) to the top of his head. I have included Tristan, Loremistress (DHL #2050) to show the scale of this guy. Uh, I think you might be out of your weight class there, Barros and Tempest.
  8. Thank you, Grand Slam! I like the high contrast on the first one too. The wings on the 2nd one were a test of all of my gold metallic paints. I liked how it turned out, too.
  9. A long time ago, I painted up a model of Barros & Tempest (DHL #3096). Unfortunately, this is now one of my missing minis. It is located somewhere in my parent's place, but where exactly, no one knows... All that I have left are these pictures from an old computer. But I really like this model, so I ordered a new one and painted it up with a different rider and a horse of a different colour. Their barding matches, just incase the original is ever found. Here is the missing Barros & Tempest. Please forgive the bad photography skills, I took these photos on a freezer with a piece of paper behind them in place of a real box. I used a pin and green attach Tempest (I'm assuming that is the name of the Pegasus) to the stand. It didn't hold up well, and it looks like they are coming in for a landing or to smite someone. And here is my new version of Barros & Tempest. This model is hard to photograph because there are so many cool sculpted features going all the way around the model. I love the movement of these sculptures. They work really well together.
  10. Thank you, Grand Slam! Blue is still a tough colour for me to get right. Those tiny little dragon eyes were tough to paint. Good thing the Christmas dragon was sleeping. I like how Mrs. Claus' cookies were all different shapes too. Thank you, Glitterwolf! Thank you, Darcstaar! I started with purple and worked up to red, that seems to give a richer tone to the red.
  11. Here is a photo dump of my most recent minis. Here is the teeny tiny dragon familiar (DHL #3410). Here is the Human Fighter Jana (DHL #3006) Mrs. Claus. DHL #50341 And finally, the Christmas Hoard Dragon DHL #1581
  12. Thank you Chaoswolf! Thank you Glitterwolf. That blue dragon had his big debut a while ago. Now he is teaching his class the fine art of being a dragon. Thank you Grand Slam! I am really happy with how the hippogriff turned out too. Thank you Strawhat! The month's productivity was helped by a having a 4 day weekend as a mini stay-cation 😁 Thank you Iridil! 4 day weekends help with increase the month's painting total 😁
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