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  1. Thank you, Generic Fighter! I was using the Reaper photo box and a PLM dioramansion. It is a great background.
  2. Thank you, Rigel! I will take any excuse to use metallic paints😁
  3. Thank you KruleBear! They stayed blank for a long time before I could figure out a colour scheme for them. Thank you, Glitterwolf! I will fix his tooth to give him a healthy smile.
  4. Thank you Glitterwolf! Thank you, Chaoswolf!
  5. Thank you, Glitterwolf! Thank you Evilhalfling. And ack! I didn’t notice the finger, better go fix that. Thank you, Chaoswolf!
  6. Wow! They look amazing! I like the ghost in the back right best. Looks like it was a productive year.
  7. Here is an upgraded version of DHL #2785, the Sabretooth Tiger Man. Because the only way to upgrade a machete wielding sabretooth tiger man is to give him wings. I had a set of Raindancer Pegasus wings and I combined the 2. Pegasus became a regular horse, and was painted up as a present to a coworker. I've been calling this guy "Growltiger," because he looks like the "roughest cat who ever roamed at large." Name and earworm courtesy of T.S. Eliot and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber. His wings are held on by pinning and green stuff epoxy.
  8. D&D Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures: Human Paladin, #90060. I've been calling him 'Falcone,' after the Vadi longsword guard position.
  9. Here is my take on Amathor, DHL # 02319.
  10. No, I'm in Canada. Hugs and the Christmas tree cat weren't available yesterday, but now they are.
  11. They are all available now. I'm going to place my order right away!!
  12. Here’s a screen shot of the 12 days minis available. There are only 10 now😢.
  13. I know. I didn't see it either when I went to place my order. Cat dragon in a tree is missing now too. Do the 12 days minis usually go so fast?
  14. Thank you, Glitterwolf! Thank you Kazmania7. I was looking to do something different, although I am partial to white unicorns. Probably comes from watching The Last Unicorn a million times as a kid 😁. Thank you, Chaoswolf!
  15. Here is Starmane the Unicorn, Reaper DHL # 02151. He was painted as a palomino unicorn. I used metallic paints to try and get a shimmering look to him, similar to an akhal teke horse.
  16. Thank you, Rigel! Thank you Kangaroorex! I really like how his face turned out too. Thank you, Glitterwolf!
  17. Thank you Glitterwolf! Thank you Chaoswolf!
  18. Thanks Glitterwolf. I take no responsibility for your earworm though 😄 Thank you, chaosscorpion. It was my first time trying OSL and I like how it turned out. I feel like I should have painted a boxing ring 😄. Lol! Thanks Iridil. I like the fireplace glow too 🔥. Thank you Chaoswolf!
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