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  1. Hello Everyone, I need help finding an alternative to a really old Reaper color from back when they were sold in jars (not the modern bottles). Bloodstone - Pro Paint Stock #08036 Mine become a very, very, think paste. Also tips to try salvaging this jar of paint would be helpful if no alternative color kitbash is available. I looked through the entire selection currently available, and nothing comes close to the color that was Bloodstone.
  2. I loved a lot of the ideas from others on this thread, and included them on my wants list below: Islanders Cannibal Halflings/Goblins in Tiki Masks Cannibal Halfling/Goblin Shaman with Tiki Mask Giant cookpot and fire spit with human captive (like Han Solo in Return of the Jedi) Tiki Mask Golems (human size and bulky like in World of Warcraft) Character Heroes (male and female) More Female (all races) Arabian and Oriental Gnome or Goblin (in a clockwork mecha) Mounted (all races) Halfling with a pipe (smoking or not)
  3. Hello Everyone, I would like to know if the following Fast Palette paint sets will be made available going forward. Reaper Fast Palette: High Seas Adventure (SKU: 09905) Reaper Fast Palette: High Seas Horror (SKU: 09906) Cyber Gang Fast Palette Paint Set (SKU: 09908) Cyber Metal Fast Palette Paint Set (SKU: 09909) I would really like the order more of the two in red. I am not interested in buying the RVE 2021 Punk Box again just for more paints.
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