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  1. Remember Thrawn's recovered cloaking devices he used on asteroids...
  2. The Turbolasers of SW are scaled-up versions of the ubiquitous blasters seen in the movies - practically charged particle weapons IIRC. For more info on Star Destroyers, Turbolasers and other stuff check out www.stardestroyer.net - lots of stuff there!
  3. It's just like Eldar vs. Imperium/Chaos in BFG terms...
  4. I won't care too much about (pseudo-)scientific examinations of either Trek nor SW gear, just stick to the basic layouts of the respective starships (how many Phaser banks does a Galaxy class have, at what angle are they supposed to fire, how many Turbolaser batteries does a ISD have, how many of them can it bring to bear on a single target etc.), then make up your own game statistics for the different vessels. That's what a buddy of mine and I did - we've been busy to convert some Star Wars ships for GW's Battlefleet Gothic game for about a year now. We are far from having finished that project since we don't play BFG that often(btw, we use Micromachines minis), but I think we're on the right track. There are still some problems with the firing arcs of the various Star Destroyers, yet they are quite close to playability. With BFG rules being used, I could imagine Force ships having an emphasis on Weapons Batteries (in BFG terms) and Trek ships using Lance Weapons. Proton torpedoes would work like ordinary torpedoes, while Trek torpedoes would be 'guided' torpedoes (something similar to the Tau or Eldar torpedoes of BFG). Please let me know if you should be interested in the Empire starships stats for BFG! Regards Thore
  5. Well, the movie made me finally buy one...
  6. @haldir: Do you mean the Red Dragon of Krynn? It's a nice model, but about 2/3 the size of the GW dragons. However, the red dragon in the Clutch of Fear boxed set is about the same size as GW dragons.
  7. Now that's a really nice one! Haven't tried it myself yet, but maybe you could add some light reflexions near the torches in case of a similar future project? Don't get me wrong, but somehow I feel they just 'have to be there'! Nevertheless: Thumbs up!
  8. I used the Celestial Lion in one of the few games I've played so far... well, it didn't survive Turn 2... I guess since you are battling Necropolis, a Hound of Judgement or the Guardian Beast of Aurelius would be more effective than the Lion (besides: I LOVE that sculpt!) because of their Judgement SA (auto-coup de grace on evil models). As I find myself usually in constant need of more Knights, so I'd try to squeeze some more of them into your FC. DV and MD of 11 plus Deflect SA is nothing to sneeze at, especially if you consider the low points cost of the Necros' skellies and skelly archers (24 pts and Range 24 makes me wanna cry...). Maybe you could even replace Lord Ironraven with Sir Broderick (just proxy him) or maybe Sir Brannor who's also a cleric and could carry a few Bless spells. A Lesser Magic Weapon plus Lesser Magic Armor on Sir Broderick work really well, as I've eventually found out. Holy Light is a great spell against Necros, although I dunno if it pays off in small scale games (25 points.. *sigh*) - haven't tried it yet, since I'm facing Nefsokar with their Across Death's River SA (-2 CP for your force) all the time, so I only spent the points on lesser spells (i.e. Bless). But whatever troops you'll choose, don't forget to post your results and to discuss them here!
  9. I'll try to arrange a battle report with pics for the next game on Friday...
  10. I think I'll go for a LMW for Broderick since it keeps his MAV high on the lower Damage Tracks... *g* I somehow feel that list V1.2 will be more successful - as you said, Tomb Guards and Knights are almost identical, so having 15 Knights should provide an advantage in tough (no pun intended! ) grunts. --- Well, to beat the Knights was as follows - first base the large Troop with Anubis Guards and kill models with low DVs. Go in for the Archers with the Awakened and finish them off. Close in on the nearest enemy troop. Use ADR to keep the Knights based, preferably with Awakened. If the Awakened are still busy to deal with the small Troop of Templar Knights, move in the Tomb Guards and use your numbers to overwhelm the Knights.
  11. Yes, we've been swapping the army lists. The Crusaders lists V1.0 and 1.1 fared not too bad against the Awakened and the Anubis Guards, however the Tomb Guards proved to be a different matter (in Game 3 I lost 3 Anubis Guards and wiped out the Crusaders completely). ADR was used correctly. Still have to try list V1.2 and see how it works...
  12. This is something I could use a little help with... As I mentioned in earlier posts, me and my buddies are quite new to Warlord (still getting accustomed to the rules and game mechanics). So far, we've played about 4 or 5 games with a Nefsokar Fighting Company vs. a Crusaders FC. Since I am the one of us who owns the rulesbook, it was up to me to make the army lists. Having no real idea of how the lists would work, I grabbed the rulesbook and made up two lists consisting of units I found both interesting and for which I had some models at hand. The result of all our games is that the Nefsokar have won every battle so far... too clearly, that is. The main reason for their victories were their Tomb Guards, I suppose (at least three or four of them always survived with all Templars being down). Although the Templar Knights seemed a good match for these skellies, I feel that I have spent the points in the wrong places. Here are the two lists (no additional equipment and/or magic so far employed): Nefsokar Khadath (Captain) 86 pts + 9x Tomb Guards 234 pts + 1x Reborn 65 pts 385 pts Troop Cost Chosen of Sokar (Sergeant) 31 pts + 6x Awakened 126 pts 157 pts Troop Cost Chosen of Sokar (Sergeant) 31 pts + 7x Anubis Guard 175 pts 206 pts Troop Cost Nefsokar: 748 Points Total And now the Crusaders (V1.0): Sir Broderick (Captain) 78 pts + 5x Templar Knights 135 pts + 3x Ironspines 63 pts + 1x Finari(Hero) 58 pts 334 pts Troop Cost Sir Malcolm (Sergeant) 36 pts + 5x Templar Knights 135 pts 171 pts Troop Cost Sir Conlan (Sergeant) 30 pts + 3x Ivy Crown Archers 126 pts + 3x Templar Unforgiven 84 pts 240 pts Troop Cost After the third Game IIRC I put Sir Conlan's Unforgiven in Sir Malcolm's Troop (V1.1) and things went a bit better for me, but not that significantly. Now I have considered dropping the Archers completely and adding more Templar Knights, along with adding some Bless Spells. This is my new list so far: Crusaders (V1.2): Sir Broderick (Captain) 78 pts + 5x Templar Knights 135 pts + 3x Templar Unforgiven 84 pts + 2x Templar Ironspines 42 pts 339 pts Troop Cost Sir Conlan (Sergeant) 30 pts + 2x Bless Spell 10 pts + 5x Templar Knights 135 pts + 3x Templar Ironspines 63 pts 238 pts Troop Cost Sir Conlan (Sergeant) 30 pts + 1x Bless Spell 5 pts + 5x Templar Knights 135 pts 243 pts Troop Cost Total Army Cost: 748 Points The idea of this list is to have enough "punch" to finish off the low DV Nefsokars like Anubis Guards and Awakened (Templar Knights basing the enemy, supported by Ironspines, and Unvorgiven in the skellies' back) quickly and to have some reserves (the second Conlan) at hand if things are getting too tight. I'd be glad if you could lend me a helping hand and post your comments and sugestions for this new list. Remember, we currently play 'low intensity', i.e. no special equipment etc. Faction SAs, however, do apply (eg Sokar is Near). Thanks in advance! Thore
  13. They really look nice (although not that much armour on the pony ...). I think I'll get some eventually (for completeness' sake), but for my Fighting Company I'll stick to converted Onyx Chevaliers...
  14. Hmm, how about a fan-made faction book for Lupines and all those other furry cuties like Froschmeister's Moonscars then? @Arbiter: Never played MK, but I got some experience with MWDA and its Steel Wolves. They get very nasty after suffering 3 or 4 Damage Clicks when they get into 'battle frenzy'. So the idea of improving stats on later damage tracks is quite the same thing. The only difference is that MWDA models have usually more Damage Tracks than only 3 or 4 (except infantry).
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