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  1. Finally managed to get a couple more done, will probably be the last post for a while, moving next month. Looking forward to getting back into the habit once I get settled in.
  2. Got the river tiles finished and put them to use with the rest of my finished collection.
  3. Got the Treant all finished up, not to finish the river tiles before I move on to the next one.
  4. Its the Treant from Wizkids Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures line. So far hes been primed and given a base coat of Reaper Wood Grain, now to go in and bring out the detail.
  5. Stopped in at my FLGS yesterday intending to only buy a couple paints, ended up walking out with 6 of them and 2 more minis, gave the first one a couple of base coats and some sculpting on the base so far.
  6. A couple WIP shots for the water way system, hoping to put the gloss on later today and some green banks.
  7. I know its a little off topic, but if any wants some good priced brushes look into the GhosTiny brushes on kickstarter, I did the Complete range for $75 which gets me 30 brushes and a pot holder (not that I'll need it, only dropper bottles for me) I found the kickstarter a little late, it ends tomorrow. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/redbeardboss/ghostiny-fine-detail-paint-brush-set-for-miniatures/description
  8. The waterway is modular, so I can put it in any shape I want. I figure it will go nice with the trees and other terrain I've already done, once events can start again I'd like to try and start a game of frostgrave with stuff I've got. Here are the links for them [commerce links removed] As for the paint club, even though I got off to a late start joining I've been enjoying it so far, gives me incentive to get things done.
  9. Unfortunately I don't have any finished projects for the week, got a work in progress, start a large project. 3-d printed modular waterway that I picked up off of amazon. So far I've primed them with a mix black paint and modge podge, I've gotten some blue in place since the picture was taken, could be another week or two before its finished.
  10. Was adding my bones 5 order to the list and noticed that the Spell effect: Disapproving Hand is missing from the power ups list, added it to there.
  11. I'll update the list with what I ordered later tonight, I'm on wave 18 so a little bit further ahead then you guys, from what I understand though once they get everything and start shipping it out it goes pretty quick about a wave a day. I'm very much looking forward to it. As for my set up, thats only a bit of it. Here is the whole set up. VID_20201225_012753.mp4
  12. Since the spreadsheet is updated with bones 5 listings, should we start putting in what we ordered or wait til it shows up? I didn't order all of it, but I got plenty still to work on when something is chosen that I don't have. All the painted ones in the picture are the rest of my old Mageknight minis that still need to be stripped, painted and put on proper bases.
  13. My contributions for the week, a couple old Mageknight figures. I've been slowly re-doing the paint and re-basing them, got around a 100 still to go.
  14. So, heres what I added to the list. Maskaar 04011, Aisha Female Warrior 2979, Mocking Beast (chest) 77048, Pyram the pincher (d4) 77646, Queen of Hell 77645, D'Tenian (D10) 77649, Flying Rocky 77919, Sneaky Rocky 77917, Piers Young Mage 2836, Cardolan Ranger 2565, Nonalla Ellinad Elf Wizard 3667, and Kurz Orc Fighter 3003. In case your wondering yes I have the rest of the rocky and high roller set, they've already been painted though.
  15. Hello, I know I'm a bit late but I'd like to throw my hat in for this if your still looking for more people. I don't have too many reaper figures unpainted at the moment, more so from another company. My local store doesn't carry much in the way of reaper. I didn't go as all in as some on the kickstarter, but I got enough to keep myself for a while. I've included a pic of one my more recent figures.
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