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  1. Got a couple more finished, and just got my Dungeons and Lasers delivery. Time to buckle down and get some progress before I dive into that one.
  2. I know its been a bit, went and got myself promoted at work so been adjusting to my new schedule. Finally managed to get a few things done. Tried out the new speed paints from army painter on the guys in the first pic. The boat is from the brinewind extras, working on the rest of it still for a diorama ocean scene.
  3. Finished the last two of the Rocky dragons, now the full set is ready.
  4. Hey everyone sorry its been so long, work has been a little nutty with being extremely short handed, and been battling some severe depression, but I did finally manage to get some stuff down and have some more on the way.
  5. Arakoth and the lair are all finished, started on one of the zombies. Got my bases toppers from another kick starter.
  6. don't have anything finished at the moment, but work is going along nicely on the scene I've been working on for Arakoth and my new brushes arrived.
  7. I was thinking of doing something for Halloween next myself, and I got the crystal dragon all done. I think I'm getting the hang of making my own washes. VID_20210925_013947.mp4
  8. So I'm calling these ones done, I know the second one isn't from the core set, but used the little flame spell effect in his mouth. VID_20210916_010838.mp4
  9. Now that I'm back from vacation, I really need to buckle down. I did pick up some interesting minis, can't wait to show them when they are done.
  10. nicely done, I won't be getting any painting done this week or next. Leaving for PAX tomorrow and when I get back I'm working 6 days straight, will try to get some done after.
  11. So, I had some inspiration last night and jumped ahead. My first attempt using LED diodes and making my own wash, still needs some work and got some ideas on how to the next spell effect better. VID_20210827_093210.mp4
  12. I thought 1075 was an unseen servant from the spell effects, either way. I know how I'm painting it when I get to it.
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