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  1. I'll be starting on mine on wednesday. Has anyone come accross the wall of brambles and spell effects yet? 3 of mine didn't come with a base, and the wall of brambles didn't want to fit together quite right. Once I finish putting together the core set I'll sender reaper email about them and anything else thats messed up.
  2. I'll be doing my reaper and stag next week. I did figure out on some youtube videos how to light up the gem dragon and the treasure golem, parts will be here tomorrow.
  3. @R2ED looking good so far, can't wait to see it finished.
  4. I haven't found my dice yet, I think I might be one of the ones that didn't get one. I'll email reaper about them and any other issues I have once I finish going through them all. Though if the dice is all I'm missing I might just skip it. I know its wrong to say, but I've got plenty of dice as it is.
  5. Just remember all good things come to those who wait, and patience is a virtue.
  6. @billeecats I had the same feeling of what have I done when I first opened the big box, then again when I started putting together the core set. I'm certain I'll feel that way again when the next kickstarter for minis shows up, but thats not til next April so I've got a while. I also backed one for base toppers and quality brushes, those two are supposed to be arriving sometime next month. @R2ED I have to keep things organized, I have OCD issues with organization. My boss loves it, cause it helps to keep the cooler at my store looking nice. I would have taken up more space if I cou
  7. Started going through the core set, going to need some sprue glue for some of the more noticeable gaps and the stained glass golem is going to need some reshaping, but otherwise coming along nicely.
  8. My new painting area in the garage is complete, next step is to start painting and overtime finish organizing the rest of the garge. VID_20210722_183603.mp4
  9. The painting group is being held at the local store here in keizer, unfortunately nobody showed up on the first meeting, but I'm hoping with better visibility (adding it to the wipe off board) more people will show up next time. On a much better side of news, got my order today. The final push to finish the garage so I can start painting is real.
  10. The limited palette is kind of similar to what I'm trying to do with the painting group I'm trying to start, everyone brings one color of paint and thats what colors everyone has to pick from, hopefully people actually show up next time I try doing it.
  11. Got my shipping notification, they should be here by wednesday according to the latest email from UPS. Time to buckle down and finish getting the garage ready. On a side note, had the first meeting for my local paint club today, I was the only one to show , but on the bright side got some painting done, I'll post some WIP pics later. Going to try again in two weeks and hopefully some other people will show up.
  12. From some of the other pictures I've seen of the gem dragon it looks like the base is somewhat hollow, I've got some ideas on LEDs for it and the loot golem. I'll know better once they show up.
  13. I just recently jumped the gun and picked up everything for basic airbrushing myself. Here is a list of what I picked up: EZ air brush cleaner fluid UBesGoo Dual action airbrush kit w/mini compressor (went with something cheap to learn on before I get something high end) Vallejo Airbrush flow improver Vallejo Airbrush thinner Portable airbrush spraybooth w/turntable and fan 13 piece Airbrush cleaning kit with instruction guide also picked up a dual valve face mask with replaceable n95 filters, but I'm thinking I should invest in something better.
  14. One of us, one of us, one of us.........I mean welcome to the group @buckyball
  15. I'm still in, but in the same situation as some of the rest waiting on the container. Hopefully I can finish converting the garage before it shows up, I'm just waiting for this infernal heat to lighten up so I can be back out there. On a positive note starting July 15th I'm starting a painting club at my local store, so extra incentive to get things done.
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