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  1. Hey everyone sorry its been so long, work has been a little nutty with being extremely short handed, and been battling some severe depression, but I did finally manage to get some stuff down and have some more on the way.
  2. Arakoth and the lair are all finished, started on one of the zombies. Got my bases toppers from another kick starter.
  3. don't have anything finished at the moment, but work is going along nicely on the scene I've been working on for Arakoth and my new brushes arrived.
  4. I was thinking of doing something for Halloween next myself, and I got the crystal dragon all done. I think I'm getting the hang of making my own washes. VID_20210925_013947.mp4
  5. So I'm calling these ones done, I know the second one isn't from the core set, but used the little flame spell effect in his mouth. VID_20210916_010838.mp4
  6. Now that I'm back from vacation, I really need to buckle down. I did pick up some interesting minis, can't wait to show them when they are done.
  7. nicely done, I won't be getting any painting done this week or next. Leaving for PAX tomorrow and when I get back I'm working 6 days straight, will try to get some done after.
  8. So, I had some inspiration last night and jumped ahead. My first attempt using LED diodes and making my own wash, still needs some work and got some ideas on how to the next spell effect better. VID_20210827_093210.mp4
  9. I thought 1075 was an unseen servant from the spell effects, either way. I know how I'm painting it when I get to it.
  10. good job @crowsandbones, as requested here are some hopefully better pics. As mentioned before, the reaper isn't done yet. for some reason the reaper wouldn't attach to the same post.
  11. Got the stag all finished, and making some progress on the reaper.
  12. Installed the AC today, going to start some painting after dinner. Will post pics when all done.
  13. Friday the ac will be installed for the garage, then I can start painting full speed. I'll catch up as best as I can. Then I'll probably fall behind again next month when I run away for PAX, hopefully I'll find a few fun minis too bring home and share while I'm up there.
  14. Its going to be a bit longer before I can post any finished items, its been too warm to paint in the garage so I'm installing an AC.
  15. I'll be starting on mine on wednesday. Has anyone come accross the wall of brambles and spell effects yet? 3 of mine didn't come with a base, and the wall of brambles didn't want to fit together quite right. Once I finish putting together the core set I'll sender reaper email about them and anything else thats messed up.
  16. I'll be doing my reaper and stag next week. I did figure out on some youtube videos how to light up the gem dragon and the treasure golem, parts will be here tomorrow.
  17. @R2ED looking good so far, can't wait to see it finished.
  18. I haven't found my dice yet, I think I might be one of the ones that didn't get one. I'll email reaper about them and any other issues I have once I finish going through them all. Though if the dice is all I'm missing I might just skip it. I know its wrong to say, but I've got plenty of dice as it is.
  19. Just remember all good things come to those who wait, and patience is a virtue.
  20. @billeecats I had the same feeling of what have I done when I first opened the big box, then again when I started putting together the core set. I'm certain I'll feel that way again when the next kickstarter for minis shows up, but thats not til next April so I've got a while. I also backed one for base toppers and quality brushes, those two are supposed to be arriving sometime next month. @R2ED I have to keep things organized, I have OCD issues with organization. My boss loves it, cause it helps to keep the cooler at my store looking nice. I would have taken up more space if I could in the garage, but its not just my garage and we are still cleaning it up.
  21. Started going through the core set, going to need some sprue glue for some of the more noticeable gaps and the stained glass golem is going to need some reshaping, but otherwise coming along nicely.
  22. My new painting area in the garage is complete, next step is to start painting and overtime finish organizing the rest of the garge. VID_20210722_183603.mp4
  23. The painting group is being held at the local store here in keizer, unfortunately nobody showed up on the first meeting, but I'm hoping with better visibility (adding it to the wipe off board) more people will show up next time. On a much better side of news, got my order today. The final push to finish the garage so I can start painting is real.
  24. The limited palette is kind of similar to what I'm trying to do with the painting group I'm trying to start, everyone brings one color of paint and thats what colors everyone has to pick from, hopefully people actually show up next time I try doing it.
  25. Got my shipping notification, they should be here by wednesday according to the latest email from UPS. Time to buckle down and finish getting the garage ready. On a side note, had the first meeting for my local paint club today, I was the only one to show , but on the bright side got some painting done, I'll post some WIP pics later. Going to try again in two weeks and hopefully some other people will show up.
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