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  1. I recently finished watching the Netflix series Dark. Very interesting and very difficult to understand.
  2. I start reading Ulysses by Irish writer James Joyce. I tried to read this modernist novel several times already, but the maximum reached the third chapter. This time I want to read to the end, no matter how long it takes me.
  3. Guys, I have been professionally engaged in weightlifting for several years now, and therefore, for me, the set of muscle mass, as well as, in principle, mass is very important. I am very proud of those people who set a goal to lose weight and go towards it no matter what. You are great! I am currently training hard to improve my deadlift performance. The deadlift training program helps me to do this, which is aimed at strengthening the back muscles and increasing strength so that the indicators in the deadlift increase significantly. This training program will only last 12 weeks. At the momen
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