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  1. So do you have to pay VAT+fees the moment the courier arrives at your home, or you receive notification first and then you have to pay it before the package is delivered at home?
  2. Hello folks, I live in EU and it's still unclear to me how purchasing from UK works after Brexit: have some of you EU folks bought directly from Reaper site in the last months? I suppose that prices on the Reaper site include UK VAT, but from january I have to pay the EU VAT when the shipment arrives at my address... So do I have to pay VAT twice?
  3. Here there are my Bones Black Deep Gnomes! I arranged them in a small display base, with crafted gems and mushrooms.
  4. Good question. One suggestion for Reaper: if retail selling of these kits is difficult, why don't launch a sort of Kickstarter "Bones hall of fame" to collect orders and produce a batch of these models on demand? Moulds are already made, it would be a shame to not use them again.
  5. Hello, I would like to know how Reaper manages Bones miniatures restock, especially on the UK warehouse. I'm looking for some figures, and it would be helpful to understand if they will be restocked soon or it's better if I start to look for them on retailers and secondary market.
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