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  1. gorgeous blending and poppy colors. What a fun little guy. Where's he from?
  2. @SirLancelittle - Thanks! I felt like the cloak needed something to break up its silhouette so it would be more camouflage-like, but obviously without doing camo. I didn't dare attempt a complex floral pattern, though! @Glitterwolf - Thank you! @Rigel - I'm glad you noticed! I had to re-do the whole thing a couple times to get everything right @Iridil - Thanks! Doing a pre-visualization in photoshop helped immensely. First time I tried that, and I think I'll definitely use that as a tool again in the future.
  3. Wow! I love everything about this little guy. Your style is really cool, and the addition of the lighting really kicks things up a notch. The NMM is really nice, too. Thanks for sharing!
  4. First Reaper mini that I've painted in a while, and I'm really happy with how this guy came out. I haven't done a lot of painting of fabric patterns, and this seemed like as good an opportunity as ever to really try some stuff out. I took photos of him when he was primed and used them to mockup the patterns & color scheme in photoshop so I could figure out what I wanted. That turned out to be really helpful. At the end of the photos are the two mockup images.
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