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  1. Ferret beat me to it! The flat footed condition (if successful, I wasn't) only applies to the following attack check. It's only at 4th level with debilitating trick that the *actual* condition is applied.
  2. On double checking it us only before the attack, not after. Vith stays at C7, no AoO. @ferret This is my 1st Operative, so I'm as prone to mistakes as you. Feel free to double check my input, doubt assume I'm right. I get alot if my knowledge from podcasts, not actual play. I was thinking if Spring Attack perhaps? 🤔
  3. Seeing Ra'aster's condition, the red scaled vesk becomes immediately concerned. They were still miles out from camp, and given the news about SP-1, a Swarm push was imminent, and the squad would likely not have access to anything more than field medicine for the foreseeable future. He pushed the, admittedly, dark thoughts from his mind, braced his left shoulder against the outcropping and squeezed off a shot, hoping to end the conflict quickly before his squad suffered any further injury. As he watched the shot sear, ineffectually, into it's rear chitin, he rushed forward, his li
  4. Ahhh, when I get more money I'll look at grenades. All single target right now, so that's not an issue.
  5. By friendly fire you mean targets get cover bonuses, or are we talking crit fails?
  6. Boys! We are getting lit up! Ouch! Team SDF is already down 20 damage, I'm assuming the crit bottomed out @Corsair's stamina, so we've got 1 into HP's already. Ouch!
  7. I kind of assumed South-West corner, but was ambiguous about my ending position because I thought I missed something while viewing the map on my phone. @haldir Please note, that at our level, Trick Attack (if successful) only makes the target Flat Footed against the Operative's next attack, ie. the Trick Attack's to-hit check. We can also say Vith is using the snow at C7 for camflauge to aid his Trick Attack.
  8. I was under the impression it was two singular dredgers, even if we were to fall back we'd likely want them neutralized as they're an immediate threat. Either way if I'm operating under the wrong impression, feel free to correct me.
  9. Thanks to Gustav's suggestion Vitharyan moved cautiously across solid stone outcroppings, avoiding loose soil, hoping that would be harder for the burrowing vexxers to track. Once he got within 30 feet of the rear most dresdger he squeezed off a shot, sending a las bolt towards the creature's cranial mass, hopefully neutralizing it entirely. OOC: Full Round Action, Trick Attack vs Pink. Trick Attempt: 1d20+13 (Stealth+1)=(10)+13=23 (Success vs CR 3 or less) Attack vs Flat Footed EAC: 1d20+4=(8)+4=12 Damage=1d4 (Laser Pistol)+1d4 (Trick Attack)=3+4=7 Fire
  10. Vith nodded at Maus, "Keep trying to get that signal through. Doc, Ra'astar, how are we coming on tearing down that ...," his thoughts were interrupted by the sudden appearance of swarm dredgers advancing on the unit. "Contact." With a soldier's intuition he responds with lightning speed, readying his pistol even as he moves to circle to the rear of the advancing vexxers, his cam-membrane rendering him nearly invisible as he did so. OOC: Initiative: 1d20+4=(20)+4=24 So, ummm, that means I will be rolling 1's for everything else.
  11. Vitharyan nodded at Gustav, "I appreciate your discretion," he sighed, watching the skies over Brinnoa, knowing, full well, that Drachovya was a few hundred klicks from the capitol. "And I get that you've got issue with the Major, but he knew the withdrawal was the sign of something else, when top brass didn't, he saw the second offensive coming." He nodded towards the flares in the skies, "The vexxers are landing troops, and if they are attacking SP-1 they are trying to cut off any orbital superiority the SDF may have. We need to pack up and try to link up with the Battalion, situation's c
  12. That's fair, I always assumed a squad channel and a command channel. Either way it doesn't really matter, I'll wait for a GM post to see if we get a response and then we'll see what's going on.
  13. Wouldn't our superior be on the command channel, rather than the squads channel? I'm kind of confused at the moment.
  14. Ummm, Vith didn't break chaun of command. He requested info from our command channel, he's a soldier, he wouldn't do that.
  15. @haldir Question, is there a chain of command within the squad? I called Vith a Corporal just for flavor, but I am curious what rank we really are, and if anyone is actually higher ranked to be issuing orders?
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