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  1. Dammit, stupid work schedule, the Major's scene is already over >.<
  2. 100% agree, we're going to be hitting forced march and potentially lack of sleep since we've been up from 2200 if I remember correctly. So this is going to suck and be a lesson in resource management. So finding shelter to short rest and recover stamina so the non lethal damage doesn't hit our HP's will be important. And keep an eye out for a vehicle, even an hour of open road would let us swap drivers and all get a short rest in.
  3. In regards to spending a Medpatch, I'm against expending resources for a single HP of damage. I've still got 9 stamina, so I think we should hold off, for now.
  4. Vitharyan nodded at Doc, "Vexxer tried to take my leg off," he grunted, "armor held though." He smiled grimly, "I got 24 miles to walk it off though eh?" He sighted through the wreckage at the swarm patrols, "We need to move though, and quickly." He turned to his squad, "We good Midnight? We got about 8 hours to Gallant, reload, and let's move. Slow and low." OOC: Thinking we set Maus' drone as rear guard, and try to get clear of the Swarm patrols, if we can get ahead of them without drawing their attention, we can double time it to Gallant. Though if we spot any SDF, or civilians along the way, I'd like to bring them with us. Thoughts?
  5. The rapid action now done with, Vitharyan, his mind still reeling at the day's events, scanned the debris cloud streaming out of Brinnoa, concrete, dust, ash. There was disjointed sound of combat, the crack of reaction cannons, the hiss and snap of laser fire, but behind it all was a constant, low-grade humming, like cicada's on a summer's night, the Swarm, ever present, gnawing, feeding, advancing ever closer. Vith nodded, "Roger that," he spoke into his comm, he backed away from the combat zone, found a civilian vehicle that had been abandoned in a snarl of jammed traffic, set his cannon on the roof, pointed it towards Brinnoa and kept watch while his squad, took a rest. He did a quick inspection, bruised, tired, but his armor had held ... mostly. Something wet slowly seeped down his thigh, the dredger's maw hadn't breached his armor, but it had compacted it around his left leg, he grimaced, took a few deep breaths, he'd get the Doc to look at it once they reached Gallant. He brought up the HUD on his visor, checked their orientation, and the distance to Gallant, trying to judge how long it would take them to get to the Fort, and the best route to take. Out of Character Actions Vith will also take a Short Rest expending a Resolve to regain his Stamina, if that is permitted. I'll make a Survival (Navigation check) to determine the best route between Brinnoa & Fort Gallant, and the distance we will need to travel. I will receive a +4 circumstance bonus from my Navigation kit, and a +1 untyped bonus from my Survey Map of the region. Survival=(1d20)+12=(12)+12=24
  6. I'll update my signature, but Vith is down all his stamina and at 12 of 13 HP's. How viable is a 10 minute rest? Are civilians still evacuating? Are more Swarm pressing us? And are any other SDF squads in sight for us to link up with? Oh! Also, any abandoned civilian vehicles we can commandeer?
  7. 100% agree with everything that's been said so far. Real life comes first, and your personal health trumps everything. Period. No exceptions. Take care of yourself! Us internet geeks can wait to play soldiers and space invaders.
  8. @haldir Any chance my last attack hit #1, as it's the one I'm in melee range with, and is currently not attached to anyone?
  9. I think I eff'd up! The melee attack should have been against #1, not #2. Sorry!
  10. Alright, no more going prone for Vith, even if he is carrying the equivalent of the 50 cal!
  11. With the creatures in such close proximity, Vith slung his reaction cannon, securing it with one hand, before rearing up to his full height. With a roar, he drove a clawed hand in a vicious downward arc, towards the rear of the creatures head, where it's head connected to the plates protecting it's body. Out of Character Actions Free Action: Switch Grip on Reaction Cannon Move Action: Stand from Prone (this will generate an AoO from #2) Standard Action: Attack with Natural Weapons, 1d20+2=(12)+2=14 vs KAC, Damage, 1d3+1=(2)+1=3 slashing damage.
  12. So under Combat Actions, excluding Trcik Attacks, which are a little complex, you have two options. One, a Standard Action, one attack at full Attack Bonus, Two, a Full Attack, as a Full Round action, you can make TWO attacks each at a -4 Penalty to hit. That's where Vith's second attack came from, rather than standing up (which provokes an AoO), or crawling away (Move action which would provoke), I opted to full attack, getting two attacks at a -4.
  13. @ferret I didn't notice the edit of the post as we had flipped to the following page, so I hadn't gone back. I am not trying to eliminate your RP of Gustav, it just felt like the character took personal exception to every suggestion or action taken by Vith, even ones meant in the squad's best interest. So thank you for the attitude adjustment, let's see if we can't prevent Gustav from being draged off into some dark swarm infested warren.
  14. @ferret Still waiting for a response to my question, it works certainly help alleviate my frustrations and make the game more enjoyable for me.
  15. It may not have any mechanical effect, Aid Another can't allow you to re-roll a failed save or anything. I'm not trying to re-write the rules, just trying to snap folks out of their fear. Aid Another is a +2 bonus, so maybe it adds a +2 to Gustav's Initiative check this round (effectively cancelling out the Shaken penalty for 1 round?)
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