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  1. Aaaw, nice touch. Thank you so much! 😊
  2. Very nice, it brought back a very old memory. Does anyone remember Disney's original animated Robin Hood? I think it released in the 70's, so I'm showing my age. Anyway the similarity is strong enough to instantly drag that ancient memory to the fore.
  3. Thanks, there is a heart forged into her axe. You can't really tell from this angle, and I thought it would be good to repeat that somewhere. But the bicep was obscured by the braids that I made, so it had to go on her thigh. It's a very small detail, good observation.
  4. Thanks Iridil, I tried to emulate the brilliant artists impression from the contest page. So I used a photo of a Highland cow as reference.
  5. Thanks for the kind words people. I could of saved a lot of time with some of that tartan paint I've heard so much about!
  6. I entered my first ever painting competition! I came last, or fourth as i would like to call it. But hey I still placed and I really enjoyed the experience, so I'm happy. And at last we get to see what these villagers looked so freaked out about. 😃
  7. Stunning, this was my personal favorite of all the entries. Really nice work!
  8. Nice work on these, I really like the owl. I've also painted the grandmother, and she turned out looking shocked too!
  9. Aaaw, thanks people! I'm stuck at work all day, so it was especially nice to see this. 🙂
  10. Thanks Rigel! Every day is a bad day for these people, so far their village fell victim to a zombie plague. And then a bunch of them were rescued from giant spider cocoons. A little worse than a typical Monday. :) Faces are a constant challenge for me, but practice makes perfect, so I'll keep plugging away. Thanks for the kind words.
  11. These are so good, I especially like the crossbow man with his hood half down. His face is a picture of determination, definitely my favourite of the bunch. I'm just trying NMM for the first time myself and I suck at it, when I grow up I want to paint like you. Signed Jon, age 41 and 3 quarters. :)
  12. Nice, also extra points for the Beastie Boys reference :)
  13. I know what you mean, whatever it is, it's a jaw dropper isn't it? Kudos to Mr Jackson, great sculpts.
  14. Hello again people, I am still working on this boxed set of Innocent bystanders. Here we have the maid and some little people, the bug eyed baby is about half the size of my little finger nail. So until i get a magnification solution, will stay a little bit pop eye. I tried my best little fella =)
  15. Thanks for the kind words, looks like a very nice community here. I agree the beggars cloak could be a little less pristine, and I could have glazed the skin tones with some pink or red. I will take that on-board and thanks for the advice! I like how jokes will appear in purple, let's face it, sarcasm is always lost in text. Life would be boring without some fun added here and there right?
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