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  1. Thanks Harrek. Sorry, I didn't read much and just posted while at work. What confused me was that I could add one but not the other. Now I can't add any, but can wait a little until they are ready for sale. :D
  2. Ok, thanks. Can you tell me how long it would take for the new paints to be released for sale? I wanted to place my order soon but would leave that one paint for the next time if it takes longer.
  3. Hi. I just wanted to order paints and then Reaper added a few more pots so I wanted to buy of those too, the tropical aqua. But it does not add it to my shopping cart. I can see it in the paint list and hit [+1] but it's not added to my cart. It's not listed in the shop link. Another paint is (dwarven flesh 29852) so will the other be available soon or can I just add a notice in my order that I would like that paint too?
  4. Yey! And this time I will finish something. I have 3 ideas, all with large creatures, and hope I can do all of them.
  5. I'm in for giants. Perhaps I can make my diorama this year. Would be a diorama with mostly Reaper minis, some giants and normal sized charakters. I have one or two other large creatures I can make for a non-diorama entry. Squad or party? Hmm maybe, I am painting most figures for my current pathfinder party at the moment. 6 minis, 2 are Reaper. But the problem is that, even though we are playing a pirate campaign, not all miniatures look uniform. Only thing that matches would be the bases at the end. And when I am finished I could put them on a large display base but it would not look like an epic scene or anything, just a few guys standing around. :D I've nothing planned in that way but I like the idea of conversions too. Ok, I have one thing in mind but it's not a reaper mini. And busts are nice too. Not my cup of tea but many like to paint them and is always nice to see.
  6. I'm new to Kickstarter. May have to pass on this one too. Would like to have some paints only but then I think the shipping is too high. Damn dentist bill coming my way next week.
  7. I'm ok with putting it in only one category. The question just came to mind. Would be good perhaps if it's difficult to get good photos of a mini in a diorama.
  8. Just one question. I will build the minis into my diorama so that they can be removed and used as gaming pieces. I have 2 big minis. Could I enter each one in the single mini contest as well?
  9. I'm in. I will make the diorama I planned for last year. No waiting for the figures or preparing. I may just add something small and will get more basing material. I'll have 2 big monsters and a normal sized guy. All Reaper, and then I wanted to add another non-Reaper mini. First monster half done and a lot of time left :D
  10. Yup :) Then I do what I barely started for last year. I have all the minis cleaned and primed and base for my diorama so can start right away.
  11. If it's going to be feathers I would do an Owlbear. But hmm that's fur and some feathers, not much too see really. Are there nice Kenku birdmen in the Reaper mini ranges? How far could we stretch the theme? A wizard sitting at his table with a feather quill? A barbarian with feathery wings tattooed all over his back? Well, I will see what it will be this year and then think about what I'll be painting. Do we have a vote soon?
  12. So many good ideas. I like wings too :D Not feathered but I have an unpainted Chimera if that would be allowed.
  13. "Forces of Nature" "Companionship" Whatever I said before, I vote for these!
  14. "From Beyond" sounds interesting to me. Kind of open to interpretation and that's good for variety. Could be any dungeon monster encounter? And I think that a single mini is enough with the challenge to paint it up nicely in more than tabletop standard. Make it one big or 2-3 small fitting together like in a unit. For example a Drow Elf and his 2 big spider companions on a nice base. I like to see many entries and also when beginner painters have the chance to take part in a contest, too. Diorama or a bigger unit should be an option and not mandatory. Give it a nice theme but don't make it too restrictive.
  15. I think he was not too serious with the cost thing
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