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  1. With this update, we would also like to show you beautifully painted miniatures by our colleagues from Kirian Painting Studio. KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN PAGE
  2. The campaign is live! KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN
  3. We are so excited!! Are you ready for Cthulhu? :) KICKSTARTER PAGE
  4. The Cthulhu is really close! Do not wait, subscribe to our KS campaign, and join the faction which is the most closer to your heart! KICKSTARTER PAGE
  5. We do not slow down! Since the start of the campaign is getting closer, we decided to make prints and cast a few miniatures to test everything. All to give you the best quality we can! KICKSTARTER PAGE
  6. Metamorphed: This is a group of individuals on whom the Crystal affects more strongly, often addicted to It. Physically and mentally tolerated in the world of Cristocracy, on the other hand, their special abilities are unique ... BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!! We'll start our campaign next week, and we would like to ask you to help us collect 100 subscribers! This is our first pre-launch stretch goal - a free SteamCthulhu for all who will make a pledge :). KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN
  7. Cultist Faction: They worship the Great Old Ones and Practice occultism during blasphemous rituals. They hide their faces behind masks and choose secret places for terrifying sabbaths while waiting for their dark master to come. KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN
  8. Monsters: The pure seed of the abomination from the other dimension. Remains after the Great War between people of the Earth and the Great Old Ones's horde. There is no place to hide from them, even in the deepest part of the mind ... KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN
  9. Thanks @SamuraiJack :), and sorry for wrong tag. Pure Blood: Fanatics of the purity of mankind. They do not hesitate to use any means to exterminate individuals corrupted by the power of the Cristal. The end justifies the means so dirty trick and unfair play are their daily practice. We talked a lot about this weird Cristal, but exactly what is it? The crystal generates radiation that affects the psyche and body. Its influence depends on the personalities of individual people. It not only affects physicality by direct contact but on the psychic as well! People have different resistance to the effects of the crystal, but finally, crystal users will be possessed by it... What is more, there is a thing that tries to use it for its own purpose... something from the darkest parts of your dreams... KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN
  10. Where are we exactly? Many years ago was a great war, which almost kills all the life on the planet. Happily, there were survivors who decided to rebuild the world they know and create the Lunaris ... the greatest illydic city this world has ever seen... The years have passed and people forgot about this beautiful project. Corrupted by their own desire they started to create small pacts, and factions, which finally become great parties fighting for influence and power. Let me show you the strongest factions in Lunaris city: Mechaniacs: Crazy about upgrades themself. They are being known as the best engineers in the Lunarcity. Most of the steampunk technology inventions were discovered by them. They always feel a need to run faster, being stronger, and kill quicker... Do you need a new leg? Not a problem at all! Just give them some metal scrap and time! KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN
  11. Before the known ages, the ancient gods, who were traveling through time and space, between galaxies and systems, between planets and moons, finally reached this small blue planet and its light gray moon. Millions of years ago, searching for the force on the dark side of this moon, they found the crystals that emitted enormous energy. They took it with them and returned to the blue planet. With the use of the power from other dimensions they try to warp the crystal and use it for their own dark plans. It quickly turned out that the crystal emitted too much power, a power that did not harmonize with the forces of the Ancient One. The symbiosis caused conflict and damage to the ancients. The warped crystal had been abandoned by them here... and for millions of years, it had lain, covered by layers of earth and sand in the darkness and silence... Hi. Greetings from Andrzej (Ater), Jakub (MiniaturesArtTeam), and Pawel (PJG_sculptor). For some time we were working together on something on the side which finally became a big miniature project. We plan to put it together in a board-battle game! But let's take small steps and start gently. In our first project, we want to offer you some miniatures from the world which were shown to us in the dreams by one guy, who calls himself Cthulhu (we know... it is quite weird, but the dreams were really cool). Inspired by these visions, we create a new universe in the dark, steampunk/dieselpunk climate. Now we want to show you our project and we cordially invite you not only to participate in the project itself but also to create it. Please, share your thoughts and opinions with us! Please come closer, sit down and hear a story about the Crystocracy. Instagram Facebook Kickstarter
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