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  1. Bad pictures only edition (I'll try for better lighting if there's anything anybody is interested in). As always individual pictures follow in spoilers. Decent month for output. Did some experimental Nolzur stuff at the top of the month, a couple random older Bones in the middle and then throwing together as much Bones V as I could manage with the last week. August, I imagine, is going to be all Bones all the time as I start working through the crate of plastic! Group Shots Carnivorous Pudding 44062 Sha
  2. Alright! All minis received and unboxed. Order arrived in pretty normal sized boxes, no pallet needed. They did have the value of the package declared on the outside so my mouth is officially shut for any hobby purchases my wife makes for the foreseeable future. Pretty highly satisfied all around and ready to get working this weekend. Lots of 'oh this is smaller than I expected' (looking at you yetis) and lots of this 'this is bigger than expected' (Bigby's assorted hands are pleasantly CHUNKY). Lots of bending but didn't see any obvious breakage. Sincerely debating buying Dar
  3. WE ARE GO. Also wave 2, also got 3 UPS notifications (the first two add up to the third so maybe it's just a artifact of how UPS does things?) and it is allegedly scheduled to be here tomorrow (plausible since it's only going across town). After the roller coaster of highs and lows that was the last month of fulfillment I'm very hyped to actually dig in.
  4. ....I can't believe I didn't think of that. Amazing.
  5. Ditto on all that. Vaguely relieving knowing there's no chance of it shipping tomorrow, looks like I'll pin my hopes on next weekend.
  6. I absolutely love it. Painted this guy up as a silver but I am sincerely debating buying another just to see how close I can get to imitating your paint job. In addition to the vibrant colors the basing is perfect.
  7. Exact same boat for me. I was kinda hoping I'd get it sooner since my Shav was in my initial order but fingers crossed it at least gets here by Friday.
  8. Thanks all. Oh! Forgot the trees. Barely counts as "painted" but also whipped up some trees.
  9. Hi all, back again with last month's minis. Another slow month for output but really feels like I'm improving with technique as I keep trying colors outside my comfort zone. Group Shot: Isobael the Bard and Rufus 44114 Dreadmere Fishmonger 44035 Maggotcrown Bonesack 44021 Westfalia Nostrian Knight Mantic Well TTCombat Halfling Zombie TTCombat Halfling Skeleton Zombicide "Klom" And that was it for June. At least two done for July so far, w
  10. Good lord, those are totally beveled. Somehow despite going through like 40 of them I remembered them as not having the bevel. Well then. How about those same bases but included in a real steep, say, kickstarter'y discount. So many halflings to base. So. Many.
  11. I'd be interested in seeing some beveled 20mm bases and, this one is a bit more of a stretch, 1-3" round bases with spaces to slot the oval integrated bases Reaper has been using lately into.
  12. Awww dang it, dragon folk got me. Think I'm going to stop with the hype thread until the boxes actually get here, the hype/disappointment yo-yo is outweighing the fun of it.
  13. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/reaperbones5/reaper-miniatures-bones-5-escape-from-pizza-dungeon/posts/3231254 Okay.... Wave 2, theoretically my only delayed item has arrived and it doesn't have far to go at all. Let's do this thing.
  14. Ahhh dip, looks like Nathavarr is going to trip my order up. Between that and Blacklist's update it was rough news day for eagerly anticipated Kickstarters. Oh well, it'll get across town sooner or later. Until then I'll just have to make do with the literal thousands of minis I've already got.
  15. Love it. Saved no less than three angles to aggressively plagiarize if I ever get my hands on one. Reaper! Please release this dang beast, I have a powerful need for a good dragon turtle.
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