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  1. What you said R2ED. Oooh boy. I've barely scratched D&L3, D&L4 JUST got here and these guys are so reliable I'll probably have D&L5 before I finish even get 10% done either. But man they look good. Really need a "just the 50mm+ minis please your infantry are way the heck too small but Mahazael melts my face off" tier.
  2. Dang, super inspiring seeing them all together like that! Love how colorful banner boy is too.
  3. Thanks Glitterwolf! Thanks Chaosscorpion! Thanks Adrift! Thanks Chaoswolf! Thanks R2ED! Thanks Iridil! Thanks Rigel!
  4. Nailed it. Pitch perfect roper, great inspiration!
  5. Got mine yesterday! Big ol box, ahead of schedule. Deuslair promo stuff looks neat. Gonna endeavor to knock out as much of the core boxes as quickly as I can and not let if shift into the pile of shame. Aww man, that’s a bit of a disappointment. That remains the big iffy thing with Archon. Scale is all oooover the place. Tiny, tiny people, dinner plate sized coins. Wonder if clever basing can help redeeem them?
  6. Man that month went fast! Few of the big guys from Blacklist Games (there you go @ced1106!), some quick ruins and my randomly generated party for Five Leagues from the Borderlands, the Fine Feathered Folk! Group Shots: Reaper Tengu Wizard (77471) Reaper Tengu Rogue (77471) Reaper Nakayama Hayato, Iconic Samurai (89019) Reaper Bufo, Dreadmere Frogman (30064) Blacklist Games Demon Lord Blacklist Games Naga Blacklist Games Shambling Mound Blacklist Games Human Male Monk Blacklist Games Elf Female Monk Printable Scenery Hagglethorn Ancient Ruins Printable Scenery Court of the Shadow King
  7. Absolutely nailed it. Can’t believe how close to the art you managed to get.
  8. Archon Studios never ceases to impress with their turnaround. Dang. Very excited for this, oh god have done like maybe 1% of the stuff from the last one, should probably do more quickly.
  9. Extremely impressed by these being done with speed paint. Would have had no clue unless you’d mentioned it. Also a bit of fan of the (more subtle) basing here as well.
  10. Thanks Glitterwolf! Dirtying up drug store cars is great fun. Think a couple cop cars and a school bus would be nice post apocalyptic additions too come to think of it... Thanks Corsair! Painting fur is hard! Glad you liked it. Thanks Chaoswolf! I'll say it didn't feel productive but the the nice thing about posting all one's stuff is that, when it's all together like this....yeah, not too bad for a month! Thanks ced1106! Well good news, just because you said that I've got more coming. Finished the demon lord and naga and feel pretty happy with both! Thanks Poilu_1914! Glad you like the windows. I was worried it'd look too...cartoony but I think it's mostly fine? Thanks Iridil! I think, simple though it be, the elemental is one of my favorites too. Thanks Grand Slam! Glad you like the wyrmling. I wanted to try to push the shadow a bit since...y'know, can't go much brighter than white but didn't want it to look too murky. Color on that innkeeper comes courtesy of their color concept art which was available to backers but seems to have gone AWOL since.
  11. Very inspiring selection. Dwarf lady (love the hair), giant # 2 (dig the skin tone) and the gnome (those glowing eyes and skirt) are all going straight in the plagiarism folder.
  12. Dang Adrift, that looks good. All the colors are so clean and the osl look great.
  13. Oh man, dig the heck out of that pen (and the sheep). Looks really realistic and I don't think I've ever really seen somebody make one quite like that before.
  14. Hah, thanks R2ED, always a pleasure hearing from you! Cleaning was fine, speaking as somebody who's not especially diligent about it. I will say that getting the mold lines off the mummy was...un...fun but that's also true of every single mummy model I've painted.
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