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  1. Dang, pitch perfect color on the bricks. Picking those three colors up ASAP. Great stuff.
  2. Early, I'm going to be traveling during my normal posting time, edition. Mix of easy wins and experimenting this go around with an overall pretty good output. I feel like I'm SO, so close to making a breakthrough with my technique. Group Shots: Reaper Yephima, Female Cloud Giant (77162) Reaper Drunken Skeleton Pirates (04058) Reaper Ratpelt Kobod Warriors (07054) Reaper Goblin Pillagers (07042) Reaper Brinewind Bed (Bones V 723) Archon Studio's Dungeons and Lasers 2 Stretch Goals and Mantic TerrainCrate (tent, stocks, glowy rock) WizKids Deep Cuts Executioner Nolzur's Bearded Devil SodaPop Mistmourn Troll DIY Ochre Jellies Reaper Townsfolk III (02655) Wizkids Pathfinder Gargantuan White Dragon
  3. Absolutely speechless. Where did you get the flowers? I need to try to replicate this ASAP because dang.
  4. Dang, that's inspiring work. Love the skin, love the apron. Tempted to take a crack at this guy myself but why oh why must his pig pull at the heart strings?
  5. Getting all three for sure. Lizard and flumph are both wishlist items and the bone snapper? Something I didn't know I needed until I saw it. Fingers crossed your other stuff gets released in the pledge manager.
  6. Thanks KruleBear! Pretty happy with the orc skin tone. Wanted to keep with the grey orc skin tone to differentiate them from PROPPA Warhammer orcs but also didn't want them to look ...I guess...inorganic? Thanks Kazmania! Really quite happy with the cultist base myself. Spare skull, some cut up q-tips and a tiny bit of green stuff. Thanks Rigel! I wish I could take credit for that map but it's all Bobby Jackson. I swear you just waive the brush in the general direction of the mini and the sculpt does the work. Thanks Glitterwolf! Thanks DarcStar! Let me know what's on the bench, I'd love to compare notes when all's done. Your stuff is great inspiration . Thanks Iridil! Thanks Chaoswolf! Yeah...that....that sculpt is rough. The first attempt failed horribly and went into the simple green, the second one got to PRETTY GOOD which given the bones classic faces there have, at best, a general suggestion of noses I took as an absolute win.
  7. DANG. Inspiring, disgusting, best version of these I've ever seen. Man, a scaled up large base version of this sculpt would be amazing.
  8. Alon got Bones 1 and a light box (but is still getting used to it) edition. Pretty dang productive month at the paint table courtesy of unplanned time off. Still trying to figure out a good backdrop for photos but for consistency's sake I took all of these with a piece of blue to white paper. Group Shots ' Reaper Altar of Evil (77139) Reaper Arbelist Henchman (44149) Reaper Mapper Henchman (44149) Reaper Candleabra (77138) and Mantic Candelabra (available in a lot places but "Seer's Familiar" is the cheapest) Reaper Cultist (77351) Reaper Flesh Golem (77169) Reaper Mockingbeast (77048) Reaper Orc Barbarian, Kavorgh (77064) Reaper Orc Fighter, Berserker (77059) Reaper Oxidation Beast (77032) Reaper "Spiders of Emrith Kul" (Bones V 267-276) Reaper Townsfolk: Grandmother (77088) Reaper Townsfolk: Mom & Kids (77087) Reaper Townsfolk: Strumpet (77086) Reaper Townsfolk: Village Rioter (77140) Reaper Vermin: Beetle Swarm (77130) Reaper Vulture (from Bones V 1007, "zombie giant") Reaper Well of Chaos (77136) Wizkids Deep Cuts Skeleton Horse Wizkids Unpainted: Skeletal Centaurs Mantic Bedroll (from "Military Campsite") Mantic Fallen Spy (from "Battlefield Objectives) Mantic Piles of Treasure (from "Battlefield Objectives) Reaper Treasure Pile (77138) Mantic Signpost (from Battlefield Fences & Hedges)
  9. Honestly don't mind the "kickstarter exclusives" too much seeing as the previous kickstarters also had a ton of things in them that, surprise, are never going to be for sale. Sure, I'd prefer everything to eventually come to retail over exclusives, but if they're going to have these big ticket items we'll never see again I'm glad they're labeling them as such now.
  10. Bonesnappers are old school mini T. rex that first appeared back in the Fiend Folio and appeared in Against the Cult of the Reptile God. I ended up subbing mine for…something or another but next time around I’ll be prepared!
  11. Rad. Could always use another giant, love the she merrow, love the stirges…and…is that a bonesnapper? Nostalgia trap wins again.
  12. Hour and a half to go. Shame that we didn't manage to get through more but, y'know, good for the wallet I suppose. My Bones VI MVPs? All the giant (insert animal here), the radness that is shimmerscale, the anniversary dragon and ...once we get a render...the light house.
  13. Put me in that pro-Flumph camp. Very happy for its inclusion. 32 hours left and there's still a potential fan favorites box. Hope springs eternal for not-giff and not-neogi. With Spelljammer coming back out in a few months there's never been a better time!
  14. Y'know what Chaoswolf? Respect for that. I like my orcs as a casting call for the community theaters rendition of Conan the Barbarian: The Musical but you are absolutely right about the lack of dupes being rad.
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