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  1. Against all odds I’ve managed to not back any more Kickstarters in the last eight months. With Deuslair arriving today it’s just Bones and two SNAFUs left. Completed Since My Last Post Reaper Base Boss (11 months late) Flee, Mortals! (on time) Worlds of Web DM (11 months late) Next Level Miniatures: Dragon’s Hoard Miniatures v2 (9 months early??) Dungeons and Lasers V: World of Deuslair (2 months early) Pending Reaper Bones 6 (2 months remaining) Kobold Press Bestiary Miniatures (16 months late) Blacklist Games Lasting Tales (22 months late)
  2. Heck of a year Evilhalfling! I especially like your "Origon The Denouncer" and terrain, big encouragement to both get mine out of the shrink wrap and also check the WIP board more. Best of all are the action shots though. As much as I love painting minis as tiny statues actually seeing them in use is seeing them in their proper context!
  3. Thanks Inarah! Thanks Glitterwolf! Thanks Rigel! Thanks Dr Boom! Thanks Fencig! Thanks Iridil!
  4. Happy New Years Reaperites! End of year crunch meant I didn't have much for you last month but I'm back today with a combined November/December collection of minis. Almost exclusively printed minis this time around as I continue to be obsessed with my latest toy. shura2000 Dragon with 2024 s DM Stash Nathaniel Benevolent Bard Twin Goddess Pint the Goblin Twin Goddess Goldie the Alchemist Cast N Play Faythe Heroforge Custom Twin Goddess Sir Bearington the Knight Heresy Labs Grete Vae Victis Bar Owner Vae Victis Deadly Harlot RN Estudio Dalila Vae Victis Queen Vampire Reaper Tirika, Succubus (07085) Vae Victis The Servant Warp Miniatures Skeleton Minotaur Last Sword Miniatures Guardian of the Reliquary Reaper Harpy (44162) Monstrous Encounters Dwarf Skeletons Avatars of War Orc Skeletons 2Moronic Miniatures Demon Idol (with Reaper Burning Sphere 77081) Makers Cult Servitor Book Keeper (from Universal Guard Map Room) Makers Cult Servitor Scribe (from Universal Guard Map Room) Anvil Digital Forge Planetary Governor Stationforge Scavenger Commander StationForge Scavenger Cyborg Makers Cult Dark Techno MachineSmith
  5. Hah! I'm hoping, somehow, that the 10 here, the 2 from Rotstump Bog and my 2 old metal stirges will suffice. I hope any players can forgive my lack of diligence in case of a 1-20 stirge themed campaign being released.
  6. Alright, finally closed out. The final count... Core Set x1 Real mixed bag but I often find the minis I didn't like in pictures are my favorite in person. And the value is too high to say no. Shadows of Sullenhall x1 This is the last one to make the cut and was saved by the crypt. Should look cool beside the earlier "Obsidian Crypt". Briarwood Vale x1 Probably the best thing in bones 6. Can't wait to paint that dragon. Denizens of the Dungeon x1 Mixed bag but dropping it stopped being an option when "giant slug" and "giant crayfish" entered the equation. 30th Anniversary Dragon x1 God knows if I'll ever actually paint this beast but the FOMO was too strong. Blacktallow Lighthouse x1 Very excited for this piece. I have a scenario in mind for it and my recent'ish work on Nethyrmaul. Storm Giant Queen x1 Lovely sculpt. Legendary Tales: The Goblins of Rotstump Bog x1 Also was also on the chopping block but the bonesnapper sold me. Encounter: Lost Temple of the Deep Ones x1 Best thing in here that isn't Briarwood Vale. Looks awesome. Extra Ants! x2 After the big stink I made on page 1 of this topic about being able to buy more of these I was legally obligated to a couple. Extra Honeythorn Lancers x1 Really hope these guys are separate. Too unique not to get more. Extra Stirges Swarm x1 ...like, seriously, ungodly amounts of stirges show up in EVERYTHING. Great to have that sorted now. Fingers crossed for a breather till Bones 7! Between Reaper, Archon and the printer I'm rapidly running out of closets to hide my Unfinished Business in!
  7. Happy November good people of Reaper, here's what I painted last month. Work's back in full swing so not the same levels of productivity I've been at but I did get myself a resin printer and that's a whole new world of weird possibility! Reaper Derro Leader (77330) Reaper Gertie Gristlebreath (30150) Tomb Guardians Hobgoblin w/ Axe Tomb Guardians Hobgoblin Archer Reaper Kadarg, Scarneck Hobgoblin (07101) EC3D Handmaiden Demon (Yochlol) Cast N Play Royal Feast Nobleman Twin Goddess Pint the Goblin Epic Miniatures Drunk Centaur Depressed Productions Diratia Wild Elephant Epic Miniatures Rhino Reaper Nethyrmaul, the Undying (77190) Steamforged Games Red Dragon
  8. Heeey there we go. https://ksr-ugc.imgix.net/assets/042/902/571/66805cadf69e3804a561ef4368533b7a_original.jpg?ixlib=rb-4.1.0&w=680&fit=max&v=1698790974&gif-q=50&q=92&s=390e9e1a22ad7a62f80dfa695a35ddf5 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/reaperddrpg/reaper-miniatures-dungeon-dwellers-roleplaying-game/posts/3950476 The Hillsedge Province & West Barrow Hills sourcebook is exactly what I was looking for. More of that please! Amen on all points being made here.
  9. Looking great guys. I'm not sure it'd ever get to the table (just way too much competition and way too little time) but man it looks pretty. Something I didn't see in there but am absolutely dying for would be a hardcover source book for the Reaper setting. Something that compiles all the Barrowgate, Savage Coast and Brinewind guides into one and expands on them in a way that looks nice on the shelf.
  10. That green goop to break up the big fleshy parts is inspired!
  11. Hello once again good people of Reaper. A bunch of merfolk, a bunch of frogs, some more Warhammer and a handful of palette cleansers for you this month! Reaper Mermaid Siren (Bones V) Reaper Mermaid (Bones V) Reaper Mermaid Royal Guard (Bones V) Reaper Merfolk King (Bones V) Reaper Merfolk Royal Guard (Bones V) Reaper Mermaid Queen (Bones V) Reaper Mermaid Ranger (Bones V) Wizkids Froghemoth Reaper Giant Frogs (44024) Archon Studios Giant Toad Wizkids Xorn Wizkids Xorn Epic Miniatures Goblin King Reaper Camel with Pack (80075) Wizkids Viking Earl Wizkids Green Slaad (base from Archon Studios) Reaper The Drunken Mermaid (30041) Reaper Sarcophagus (77632) DIY Sandbags Games Workshop Sternguard Squad Games Workshop Space Marine Lieutenant with Combi Weapon Games Workshop Stormtroopers Archon Studios Sewers Set
  12. Big fan of the basing. Especially, surprisingly, the color of the trim. Makes him feel....dusty. Adds a certain feeling of age that a normal black base just wouldn't convey.
  13. Tempting. Real tempting. Ended up picking up a hand full of the last one (see spoiler) as a late backer and was really impressed with the quality. Absolute breeze to paint, nailed the look. As far as this batch goes, I really like: Gang heavy Guard drake Stitched zombie Stiched duo Sticher's assistant Operation table Pile of bodies Corpse creeper Gold dragon ...but not sure I want to commit the funds now instead of just waiting for them on the web store in a year. I guess we'll see if the stretch goals end up convincing me?
  14. Thanks Kazmania7! Right back at you, those fire giants are looking great. Thanks Glitterwolf! Could always stand to paint up a few more goblins, right? Thanks Rigel! Yeah, that dragon turtle is absolutely a showcase of the strength of the airbrush. The color transitions are an absolute breeze (and something of a happy accident) and it barely took longer than some of the much, much smaller minis. Thanks Max Retainers! If nothing else holding myself to posting all my work at online has really streamlined my techniques. Thanks Poilu_1914! I can only hope so. More ideas to pilfer that way.
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