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  1. Happy New Years good people of Reaper. Back with another month of minis, as promised lots of stuff for Rangers of Shadow Deep. Managed to get the first two games under my belt before hitting the need to paint like a dozen gnolls. Definitely motivated me to get productivity up even if the average quality dropped a bit. Still very happy with the terrain, the linen shirt zombie and the wizard. Group Shots Reaper Human Wizard, Kenrik Bones V Reaper Henchmen and Hirelings 44149 Reaper Companion Animal Wolf 77216 Gnoll Cleric, Boneflail 77234 Reaper Zombies Bones V 1130-1133 Mantic Zombies/Ghouls + Northstar Frostgrave Soldiers Reaper Giant Tomb Rats Bones V 322-325 WotC Castle Ravenloft Board Game Giant Spider Reaper The Spiders of Emrith Kul Bones V Fantasy Flight Descent 2E Giant Spider Reaper Animal Companion Spider 03499 Reaper The Spiders of Emrith Kul Bones V Reaper Shadows of Ravenhome Bones V EnderToys Square Cottage EnderToys Small Cottage Armorcast Sheds (OOP...at the moment?) Mantic Terrain Crate Battlefield Hedges
  2. Thanks all. Extremely kind words from a bunch of people whose work has been a big inspiration for me. They're worth it, I'd say. Short review? Perfect if you value form over function for your terrain, overall good compromise if you're willing to put some labor into them, definitely are nicer looking options if the time and budget allow. Long review? Pros - Cheap. Four buildings for less than a single building will run you through Etsy and waaay less than ordering from Europe or something (...those urbanmatz buildings haunt my dreams...) - Fast Delivery. Arrived in under a week. - No assembly. Everything came ready to use out of the box. - Durable. If you didn't glue on a bunch of junk like I did you could easily toss these in a box to take to a store/convention. - The scale issues from the reviews are overplayed. Yes, would love the houses to be bigger (the smallest on in particular would be little more than a shed) but reaper models look completely reasonable beside them. Cons - No texture to speak of. Tried to get creative with paint to compensate (blotched on the daub parts, painted exaggerated wood grain) - VERY boxy. Model looks a little unnaturally, perfectly, square. Door looks less like it's built into the wall and more like it's a different part of the wall. Ultimately I'd like to get some of those nicer options as well and then use these less expensive options to fill in space if I were to go whole hog with a cityscape.
  3. Fear not Reaperites, I haven't forgotten November. A few random items from the pile at the top of the month and then a more focused selection of models to be used for Rangers of Shadow Deep. Group Shot Reaper Zombie Giant Bones V 1007 Reaper Baran Blacktree, Veteran Warrior 07002 (Bones V 335) Reaper Henchmen and Hirelings 44149 Reaper Henchmen and Hirelings 44149 Reaper Henchmen and Hirelings 44149 TTCombat Halfling Archer Nolzur's Grick Alpha Nolzur's Gnoll Witherling Nolzur's Triceratops Epic Miniatures Gas Spore EnderToys Two Story Cottage EnderToys Two Story Cottage EnderToys Tavern Building Back next month with at least two more houses, some zombies, a dude with a bow, some rats, some spiders and gnolls.
  4. Veeery nice. I feel like I've asked you this before but what's your recipe for the wood?
  5. Overall not a great month for hobby time but managed to get a bit done. I give you dragon and the shorties. Group Shot Reaper Gem Dragon Bones V Reaper Halfling Paladin Bones V 276(?) Reaper Saproling Warrior x 2 77495 Reaper Scorpion 77125 Reaper Dark Dwarf Smiter 44108 Game's Workshop Dwarf Miner (from Battle for Skull Pass) Nolzur's Green Dragon Wyrmling TTCombat Halfling Spirit Zombicide Redcap Rodney Annnd that's it for October! Back next month with a better camera and hopefully more minis.
  6. So good! The blonde hair looks realistically blonde and all the colors pop. Definitely another one for the inspiration folder.
  7. Really like your Barty! Also totally stealing the more purple skin on the middle zombie pirate.
  8. Inspiring take on the model! The colors remind me of a desert snake but the splashes of blue still cause me to read it as a blue dragon. What was the thought process on the fleshy bits on the head? Just a nice eye drawing bit of contrast or was it trying to line up with a real animal?
  9. Overall reasonably busy month. Mr. Giant ate up most of my painting time with everything else being a relatively quick and easy job. Group Shot Reaper Twig Blights (Bones V 1011, 1012) Reaper Tree Trunk Blight (Bones V 1126) Reaper Snake 44078 Reaper Black Bear 77216 Magic Unpainted Minis Quintorius, Field Historian Nolzur's Storm Giant Nolzur's Death Tyrant Nolzur's Giant Constrictor Snake Nolzur's Brass Dragon Wyrmling Nolzur's Shadows Nolzur's Flumph RBJ Game Company Callie the Demilich RBJ Game Company Zombie 1 RBJ Game Company Zombie 2 TTCombat Zombie Halfling
  10. Seconding Glitterwolf's comment, love the wood. Very natural. What's your recipe for it?
  11. Alright! First full month with Bones V and it was pretty dang productive! Pictures follow. Group Shots Crypt of the Dwarf King 44151 --------------------------------- Toran Bronzebeard Baran Bronzebeard Boran Bronzebeard Dagar Bronzebeard Asgar Swiftaxe Valgar Switaxe The Ghost of Dwarf King Durnan the Mad Zombie Dwarf Thane # 1 Zombie Dwarf Thane # 2 Zombie Dwarf Thane # 3 Durnan's Tomb Everliving Flame Crypt Entrance GloomyKidMinis Hippokin Captain Barty McRedd Son of Barty Bones V 713 Clay Golem Bonex V 1096 Loot Golem Bones V Altar from Charnel Pit of the Ghoul Queen Bones V Grave King Bones V 1079 Grave King Bones V 1081 Townsfolk: Burgermeister Bones V 1026 Townsfolk Bones V 209 Townsfolk Bones V 215
  12. Love the Tiik. Absolutely going into my plagiarism pile!
  13. Good LORD. The face? The friggin pants? As somebody halfway through the first one who was about to call it good enough, grumble about mold lines and move on I have a sudden need to up my game. Absolute stunner.
  14. Bad pictures only edition (I'll try for better lighting if there's anything anybody is interested in). As always individual pictures follow in spoilers. Decent month for output. Did some experimental Nolzur stuff at the top of the month, a couple random older Bones in the middle and then throwing together as much Bones V as I could manage with the last week. August, I imagine, is going to be all Bones all the time as I start working through the crate of plastic! Group Shots Carnivorous Pudding 44062 Sharkman 77278 Minotaur 523 (Bones V) 'Stone Golem' 1095 (Bones V) 'Sea Witch'/Pirate Shrine to Maersuluth 724 (Bones V) Dwarf Statue 298 (Bones V) Durman's Ledger 301? (Bones V) 'Unseen Servant' 1075 (Bones V) Boulderkin 1055 (Bones V) Elf Ranger 1060 (Bones V) Wildfolk Druidess 913 (Bones V) Nolzur's Young Green Dragon Nolzur's Ogre Zombie Nolzur's Sacred Statue Nolzur's Manticore And that's it for July. Back again in September with a whole lot of Bones.
  15. Alright! All minis received and unboxed. Order arrived in pretty normal sized boxes, no pallet needed. They did have the value of the package declared on the outside so my mouth is officially shut for any hobby purchases my wife makes for the foreseeable future. Pretty highly satisfied all around and ready to get working this weekend. Lots of 'oh this is smaller than I expected' (looking at you yetis) and lots of this 'this is bigger than expected' (Bigby's assorted hands are pleasantly CHUNKY). Lots of bending but didn't see any obvious breakage. Sincerely debating buying Dark Depths a second time as that box was a particular stand out. +1 to all of this. The dragons all look great and I'm very glad I got every single one but in general they are a bit more...in line with what I already have than I was hoping. Bring on a truly massive great wyrm to rival Wizkid's Arveiaturace. Give us a Kalladrax but intentionally too big.
  16. WE ARE GO. Also wave 2, also got 3 UPS notifications (the first two add up to the third so maybe it's just a artifact of how UPS does things?) and it is allegedly scheduled to be here tomorrow (plausible since it's only going across town). After the roller coaster of highs and lows that was the last month of fulfillment I'm very hyped to actually dig in.
  17. ....I can't believe I didn't think of that. Amazing.
  18. Ditto on all that. Vaguely relieving knowing there's no chance of it shipping tomorrow, looks like I'll pin my hopes on next weekend.
  19. I absolutely love it. Painted this guy up as a silver but I am sincerely debating buying another just to see how close I can get to imitating your paint job. In addition to the vibrant colors the basing is perfect.
  20. Exact same boat for me. I was kinda hoping I'd get it sooner since my Shav was in my initial order but fingers crossed it at least gets here by Friday.
  21. Thanks all. Oh! Forgot the trees. Barely counts as "painted" but also whipped up some trees.
  22. Hi all, back again with last month's minis. Another slow month for output but really feels like I'm improving with technique as I keep trying colors outside my comfort zone. Group Shot: Isobael the Bard and Rufus 44114 Dreadmere Fishmonger 44035 Maggotcrown Bonesack 44021 Westfalia Nostrian Knight Mantic Well TTCombat Halfling Zombie TTCombat Halfling Skeleton Zombicide "Klom" And that was it for June. At least two done for July so far, will hopefully have a bunch of Bones V stuff to show next month!
  23. Good lord, those are totally beveled. Somehow despite going through like 40 of them I remembered them as not having the bevel. Well then. How about those same bases but included in a real steep, say, kickstarter'y discount. So many halflings to base. So. Many.
  24. I'd be interested in seeing some beveled 20mm bases and, this one is a bit more of a stretch, 1-3" round bases with spaces to slot the oval integrated bases Reaper has been using lately into.
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