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  1. Fair point, I figured it would be clear when I said it was perfectly safe for Bones plastics, but I will specify that yes, they are aerosol spray paints and no, there is no tacky-ness whatsoever after it dries to the touch, nor is there any tacky-ness on any of the figures I primed over a year and a half ago. No tacky-ness on Bones PVC and no tacky-ness on the Mantic PVC terrain from their Terraincrate. The second Mantic Terraincrate, because I ruined the first by absentmindedly grabbing a can of the "2X Coverage Painters Touch" line from Rustoleum thinking it would be fine. It was not fine, t
  2. A few years ago I had some bad paint reactions with the Fantasy Flight Runewars PVC figures and my normal Rustoleum primer not adhering well, the paint would easily rub off even after multiple coats of varnish. Not wanting the same problem with Star Wars Legion figures, I searched for a better primer and eventually came across the idea of using Vinyl Dye and discovered that it is pure magic in a can! Vinyl Dye is a special spray paint type that chemically bonds to the plastic itself. It's meant for restoring vinyl seats and interior dashboard & trim panels in cars but it's been
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