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  1. I did actually tape the threads already 😕 what else could be going on? Definitely seems like as I get into this a bit deeper, my main problem seems to be pressure loss
  2. Update! Flow improver definitely helped expand the amount of time I could use the Vex before I started to clog. Unfortunately, when I clogged it was again pretty bad. Removed the quick connect, definitely helped. Bubbles still at the nozzle. I'll try the chapstick and see it works, but I'm assuming that the pressure loss at the nozzle is still a big issue
  3. Thanks for the replies guys! Definitely won't machine tighten anymore. To answer some questions: Yeah I sprayed some air before I took that photo, the bubbles did appear, but did not continue when I stopped spraying, even at the quick connect point. I can spray water through the AB all day with no pressure loss. On my next test, I'll ditch the quick connect and use some flow improver to see how that works! Thanks for all your help and continued help!
  4. So update from this morning. Sprayed some soapy water on my compressor and airbrush. Compressor is clean but my airbrush came up bubbles around the nozzle and the connection point. I cleaned the airbrush, with Vallejo AB Cleaner, did the test again, got the same results. I'm assuming this is not normal, so what am I doing wrong? Am I missing an O ring or something? Also, when I tighten my nozzle down, I used pliers just to make sure the the brass tip was secure
  5. Thanks for all of the replies! Definitely using the large needle and my PSI is around 40. Also, my compressor is not tankless. My first thing I'll do when I get home is spray it down with soapy water and try to see if I have a leak and look at the other suggestions as well!
  6. Using the reaper Vex, Stynlrez primer (primarily black) and a Badger TC910 Aspire air compressor. Whenever I run primer (Stynlrez) through the Vex, the brush will start to become intermittent within 3 minutes, and then completely clogged within 5 or so. I know this has to be user error, so here are my ongoing hypotheses. 1) I was told Stynlrez doesn't need to be watered down, true or false? 2) My air compressor seems to not have a lot of stamina and will kick back on and stay on for a long time. Is it possible that I have an air leak somewhere? I know I clean this thing enough because I swear I am cleaning before and after every use AND I have replaced the brass tip a few times. I've only been cleaning with a water/IPA mixture though, not sure if this is good enough?
  7. Hi guys, Been using the Vex for a few months. And in that time, I've had to replace the brass nozzle "paint tip" (https://www.reapermini.com/search/vex/sku-up/29007) like 4 times. It either gets so clogged that no amount of cleaning will fix it, or the hole gets damaged and overly widened. Is this part supposed to be replaced or am I doing something wrong?
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